Comments From the Other Side - Nets 12/5

Nets fans seem to be a very depressed group and you can't blame them I guess.  There's a lot of hatred for their own players and coach.  I'm surprised at the fact that they've given up on Brook Lopez, though.  My favorite comments were when they called Nate a mascot and then noted that said mascot just completely destroyed their All Star point guard.  I love it!  Also when they said that Lopez would make Shaq look old and then noted that they said that last time before Shaq made Brook look like a school girl.  Good stuff today!  What are your favorites?   

I like our chances today actually. Expecting another close game.

I think you talking about the Jets.

Brook Lopez is going to make Shaq look old

We said that last time. Shaq made brook look like a school girl.

Actually Lopez Has handled Shaq in the past, and very well so. This year, though, Shaq is looking too good for my liking.

We're due for a win and they are due for a loss and no Rondo. I say we got this one.


Marquis Daniels guarding Devin killed us

We need brook to stop being a woos. He's freakin 7 ft and doesn't dunk 2 ft from the hoop.

This is a gift from god. I have said like 10 times if there is NO Rondo we can win. What are the chances? No rondo. We got Devo back. We’re at home. Its a perfect recipe!!!!!

You forget the rest of the recipe
Allen pierce garnett shaq. V graham petro, hump outlaw? Sounds like a recipe for disaster

I saw a D-league yesterday that looked EXACTLY how the nets play. They were actualy better.

Graham must lead the league in clutch fouling.

With the Giants on today That arena going to be packed with Celtics fans….lets see how they handle it

Well they beat us with no Pg last time.
Adding rondo out should deff increase our chances of winning!

Right! If only Shaq, KG& Allen, and Avery Johnson were out for this one too

I want to see Sam Mitchell coach. I think brook would do much better under him. I feel like Avery is utilizing brook the wrong way and trying to turn him into dirk because we have no mid range threat that Murphy was supposed to provide us with.

Yeah he took KG and Bosh to heights, Avery is a PG coach he made Harris a great pg , we need Roy Rogers for Brook not Popeye

Awesome They are selling Celtics gear at the arena
I bet they make more money off our opponents gear then they do ours.

Wow the Celtics fans are louder than any nets game we had so

Lol our defense is so bad it's confusing their players Clearly part of the plan

Nate is annoying

Can't Wait For the Nets to leave Jersey. What a black hole. Erupting for every Celtics score. Absolutely do not deserve a basketball team.
This won't happen in Brooklyn? And Celtic fans are everywhere anyway.

Cheering for Big Baby Everyone in the arena needs to collectively jump off a bridge.

Lopez is turning into an all around awful player

Why is Petro getting all the shots

He is always open nobody guards him

Why even have Petro in the line up...Are we trying to justify giving this bum his contract?

I like this Petro chap. No fear in his eyes as he hoists 18 footers over the out-stretched ARms of the defense.

I dont know how these coaches can just sit there and allow these 2 7 foot fruit cakes to brick jumper after jumper after jumper. No words.

This is not a talented team, maybe you can say some of that’s on Avery if he played a major role in picking the targeted fa’s, but they’re competing in games they really have no business even being in on paper.

It's almost comical how truly awful this team looks

And Nate grabs a rebound right over Lopez

Good ol Lawrence frank  “defense specialist” is shutting us down right now

I feel like every team in the league is better than us.
Making us the worst team in the nba again. I blame Avery.

Twill can't and won't help us
He was playing like trash too. Everyone who joins this team plays like trash, and will flourish elsewhere.

This franchise is a total joke!

Terrible play + terrible coaching = The Nets.

Lets hope very nice prospects declare for the 2011 draft
Lol Celtics aren't playing their starters. They have barely played. It's Nets vs Celtics bench and were getting blown out

I'm a little confused... Is the crowd cheering and if so, why?

Someone on the coaching staff needs to remind Murphy he is shooting 3 pointers at .176

Opposing players no matter how bad they suck just channel MJ when they see a Nets jersey because no matter how much we have improved the shadow of 12-70 will be there for a while unless we get a player that DEMANDS respect. We NEED Melo bad!

Avery needs to hire an offensive coach.
Outlaw needs to stop hesitating when he's open for a shot.
Johan Petro needs to be shot.

I don't even blame the illegal streams for not carrying our games anymore.

I think Brook Lopez is done, it happends to people have good first 2 years like Joe Smith and then fail

So who's looking good in this years draft?

How about this kid in the D-league named Terrance Williams?

Yea I hear he averages a triple double?

I think we should go get him. Lol the team that had him was so stupid, they sent him to the D league.

At this point we are regressing under Avery's system At least last time we played Boston we were competitive..

Thorn didnt leave the team, Mikhail told him we dont want you anymore but we can make it seem like you didnt get fired. Thorn then killed the franchise

I wonder what Lawrence Frank is thinking on the sideline

"Thank god I was fired"

Hes trying not to laugh

As bad as this team is right now, and they are awful, it's still better than last year.

I have no idea who Brook Lopez is. Right now he wouldn’t even start for the Celtics.

The fans are pissing me off cheering on the Celtics

Nets dont deserve fans

When the team is this bad I don’t blame them. The Celtics are terrific basketball team

Imagine if Rondo were playing
God, we would be down 40

We always injure players. Last game with the Celtics we broke Delonte. This game we broke Shaq. Rondo isn't hurt they just didn't want to take a chance on the Nets jinx

Maybe were cursed

I hope Doc Rivers starts playing his scrubs ASAP otherwise this is gonna be a 40+ pt loss.

Avery Johnson is pulling a Lawrence Frank and clapping mindlessly after a bad play... I knew that Leprechaun didn't deserve to get fired..

The Celtics have 20 assists on 54 shots We have ten on 56

Terrence, in each of his two DLeague games so far, has dished more assists individually than the Nets have collectively in this game.

Avery has stolen Murphy's swagger

Murphy had swagger??

SO FREAKING EMBARRASSING...... Pierce showboating , etc……..Robinson TOTALLY desrtoying our Captain HARRIS……..BRAINLESSPEZ STRUGGLING AS USUAL……Outlaw has Zero Basketball IQ………Petro should be playing in the French League………And Avery should be demoted to the “D” League by Proky……Lopez is a Pencil Neck Geek…

Might as well bring in chair

Chair can actually defend, since you can't go through it.

Chair would stand still to take the charge. Unlike Outlaw

I think we need to get chair and the backboard more minutes

Bosten has there 3rd and 4th line out there Still cant score

I just thought of a Way to get back at the Celtics........
Doc Rivers son is a Top Prospect and he has committed to Duke…..Obviously , He must be a super Basketball player with a bright future…..When he is ready to come out….The Nets should draft him………HaHaHaHaHa…

This team must've gotten sick of overtimes. Decided today no overtime for us.

They were tired from the games and thought you know what its the Celtics lets not play today because we have no chance anyway.

100-75?? Not bad not bad….
Until you realize ray Allen, kg and pierce
Only played 25 minutes, shaq only played 11 and Rondo is injured.

Basically we just lost by 25 points
To Nate Robinson, Marques Daniels and Glen Davis

Garnett put up a double double 13 & 14 in 23:30 And hes not getting any younger

They even have a better mascot then us

Nate Robinson is a mascot.
We lost to a mascot.

That mascot just completely outplayed our so called All-Star point guard.
And it wasn’t even close.

Officially last in the eastern conference

Welcome to the cellar.
May I offer you a drink?