Comments From the Other Side - Hawks 12/16

Lots more complaining about the refs from Hawks fans.  The refs did let a lot of contact go, but just like in the Knicks game, they were letting a lot go on both sides.  The Hawks took 24 FT attempts to 11 for the Celtics and they were complaining??   Funny how they mostly talked about Shaq and Rondo being out but ignored the fact that JO, Perk and Delonte are also out.  They may have had 2 key players out, but the Celtics had 5 key players out.  And of course there are "The Celtices are Old" comments as always.    Some good comments and a good game.... enjoy!  

I think the injuries are just too much for the Hawks to overcome tonight. I just hope they play hard.

Nothing is as painful as watching Bibby shuffle down the court. He has no athletic ability to move. He can shoot though.

Of course Rondo is going to go tonight. LD never plays Teague, so Bibby is going to be checking Rondo all night. Even hobbled, Rondo can blow by Bibby…

Someone needs to frustrate ray Allen I like ray but dude is a nasty competitor

Marvin said he shows up to the arena an hour before Ray Allen shows up at like noon and shoots jumpers and has his daily meal and does his daily rituals Shows who has been an all star and who hasn’t.

Their streak started with us And it ends with us

The Celtics are playing back to back and they are old.  We just need to run them all game and by the end they will give up.  

Rondo Out

I'd accept that as a Christmas present

Not sure if this helps or hurts us. Nate will get the start and he usually kills us.

Rajon Rondo is the engine that stirs that drink Sounds like something from Mythbusters.

Too bad they beat us without him last time we met

I'm more worried about Shaq playing than Rondo.


I’ll be shocked if Boston still has it’s starters on the floor at the beginning of the 4th qtr.

With both Rondo and Shaq out, this becomes a more even game, even if we don’t have our two top guns JJ and Jamal.

Joe and Jamal are out for the Hawks; Rondo and Shaq are out for the Celtics. The difference is that the Celtics actually have depth on their roster, whereas the Hawks try to make do with mostly scrubs off the bench. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the Hawks lose by less than 25

Hawks just need to put on their track shoes and just run run run until they can’t run anymore and see what happens, at this point we have nothing to lose and just make as many fastbreak points as we can to leave the c’s gasping for air, I think that’s the only shot we have now

With Rondo out, we can win

I really want to see how the refs call this game. Watch them burn Hawks with no calls as usual.

Just give them the point and don't waste time on Ray shooting that FT

This game is over. Boston decided not to come to play. The Hawks will own them.

Jason Collins is getting muscled by Erden

Please don't get Nate started

It looked more like Nate was poppin off and Al just said somethin in retaliation. They acted like Al was the big bad bully and Nate was just so bravely standing up to him.

Celts have no backup PG. We need to DRIVE THE BALL AND PUSH THE TEMPO

The Celts will start to feel really tired from last night around the 7 min of the 3rd. We just need to keep pushing the tempo.

Boston is not playing as pristine as they did in the Atl. Maybe Atlanta has a chance in this game.

Man….BOS has so many scrubs in…we have to win this lol

This might be the best game Teague has played in his career.

Teague channeling his inner Rondo on that last assist

Are we gonna guard Harangody?


The guy who "looks like a Celtic"

Anyone else hear Marv say that Teague was doing well filling in for Henry Bibby?

After that display last night, someone should punch Pierce right in the face.
Kermit Washington style

Big Baby gets a charge call every damn game

Because he can hardly move.

He does get the job done though

Keep pushing the pace and the Celtics will put up the white towel especially on a back to back game and they are known to have a let down games at home…


And the Emmy goes to Zaza! Nice non-flagrant flagrant

Punch the whole Celtic team Nate Pierce Garnett Big Baby Does anyone outside of Boston actually like these guys? The All Star voting results have to be rigged

That’s what happens when the NBA allows refs to call games in favor of one team or the other. The team that is getting all these calls at home will start getting increasingly snooty, bold, thinking they can do whatever and get away with it because we are home and refs are on our side. That’s why Glenn Davis tried so hard to choke Zaza.

Wow. Did the Celtics forget how to create plays without Rondo?

Marvin should have drop the People’s Elbow in Big Baby chest on the landing. Send him a message not to take anymore charges

Mo Evans is a bum


Smoove is getting ready to lose his mind

He'll do it. He's a mental infant.

Celtics closing out the half…that’s what champions do

So long to the lead, we hardly knew ye

The reason Josh gets no calls is becuz he whines to much so they cant stand him. I can’t blame em.

Hawks outplayed the Celtics for 22 of the 24 mins in the 1st half but the Celtics has a 2pt lead.


He shooting from the wrong spot he’s a better corner shooter than from the key

I think in Evans' case The right spot is 2007.

Pierce gets everything. I want him to be dead.
He absolutely lowered the shoulder into Josh and they let it happen. Disgusting treatment.

They're toying with us until they can tear the roof off after the half

Come on You swept this team last year

Not without our two best scorers. And a healthy KG

Yeah, well They’re missing both O’Neals and their best player. Yes, Rondo is their best player. Or at least their most consistent player. Not Pierce.

C's look like they are barely trying.

We're barely playing Boston doesn’t have Rondo or Shaq or the other O’neal. We don’t have an excuse

Having Jermaine O'Neal is a minus.

The problem is a total lack of buy-in by Josh Smith. He doesn’t care to move with the offense. It’s a killer. Our offense should be back-cutting all day and instead, Josh wants to Lebron it to the hole, which he is vastly unable to do.

I can't stand that overrated bitch     He shoots 5-15, no field goals in the 4th quarter, and yet we still lose because he gets bailed out by Wade. So he doesn’t have to take any responsibility


Collins ABUSED by the Turkish rookie

Refs calling everything for the Celtics

Wow, I didn’t know Shaq was a big white Turkish rookie. Can’t see any other explanation for that foul call.

I’d love to see someone on the team call out the refs after the game and get that fine

Ray misses   He’s just a man

Damn! The Celtics have 21 feet of centers on the injury list. I forgot about Perkins. And they still have two 7 footers playing. That's a lot of big!!!

Semih with the facial

Josh deserved to be posterized by that stiff.

C's 4th string center is balling on the hawks.

Celts have to be tired

I rarely EVER complain about the refs, but the Hawks have been playing 5 on 8 this entire half. This is about as blatantly biased as I’ve ever seen NBA officiating.

LD need to standup for his guys and get a Tech. The C’s are getting away with thugging on defense…

Wow, tonight just reminded me there is no team I hate more than the Celtics and their fans

KG would have to murder a nursery full of babies on live television for me to hate the Celtics more than the Heat.

I hate the Celtics because of their dirty play. The Heat did nothing other than spend money better than we have . . .

We can’t afford to let this Turkish scrub beat us

Why is the slowest fattest guy in the NBA making us look silly

Big baby smells like bacon

KG is eating Horford alive.

ERDEN ? WTH is this he is eating ZAZA’s lunch…

Well there’s that career game for the Celtics someone was talking about This guy is their 6th best Big

The Celtics are supposed to be TIRED

Not only do they have open shots, but the Celtics are making all of them

Where did Davis get this jumpshot!


If the hawks cant beat the Celtics when they are missing their PG and Center..
Damn man what is going on with the Hawks? JJ cant be that important can he? Hortford and Smith are All-Star caliber.

The Celtics just don't even want to milk clock. They're shooting it way early. And that’s what we should do and we never do it. They know that we’ll waste our own time.

Josh is not yet an elite player. He is a very good player who whines and cries when he faces elite competition many times – like Boston and the Magic in the playoffs last year. I wish he would be a little bit more like KG in his professionalism

The Celt’s professionalism and experience won out in the end. And to think they got Big Baby in the 2nd round.

Them Celtics went in the locker room, sniffed some ammonia, re-grouped and came back to put my Hawks away. What did we do in our locker room, because we were only down one point?
Josh was prolly in there pouting and complaining about he wasn’t getting any fouls called.

Say what you want about Rondo and Shaq being out – We still got beat by 3 future HOF’s.

We gave up 14 points to Erden and Harangody. Who the hell are these guys? 18 points for Big Baby?

We let Erden go 5-6 Pathetic

“The only thing holding Marvin back is the hawks…if you gave Marvin Joe’s shot attempts, he would be a lot more productive than Joe..we drafted him #2 but decided Joe was the man….Marvin is easily a top 5 sf in the NBA….”

Is there a Dept. Of Unintentional Comedy?

I don’t care if Boston is minus Rondo and they’re coming off a back to back. They’re capable of winning minus Rondo because unlike the Hawks, they’ve got real depth. They still had the Big 3 healthy and good to go.