Comments From the Other Side - Knicks 12/15

Some really fun stuff in the comments from around the Knicks boards.  Of course they start out with all the talk about how old the Celtics are and how they can't keep up.  Lots of bravado at first, especially when they built a couple of early leads.  Knicks fans sure are a whiny bunch, though.  They did a lot of complaining about the refs in spite of shooting 5 more FT's than the Celtics.  In truth I complained a bit about some non-calls for the Celtics until I realized they were letting a lot go on both teams.    At least there was one non-delusional fan who realized it was their own lack of defense that cost them and not the refs and not the clock.  I love how they can't wait to meet the Celtics again.  Be careful what you wish for.  By that time we'll more than likely have Perk, JO, and Shaq back and getting to the hoop won't be near as easy.  Enjoy NY edition of Comments from the Other Side....

We gotta take this game....sick of all the trash talk Pierce/KG do, We need to come out gunning and take this one

I think we can win this one, we usually play well against the Celtics, all (or almost all) of our games against them the past couple of years have been close.

Let's show these Celtics who the real warriors of the Atalntic division are.

We should be able to pull this off, but Celtics uses a lot more players than D'Antoni so fatigue might cost us the game.

I'm sure they will throw different styles of zones at us tomorrow.

There is no way KG's pride allows him to play zone D

All we need to do to have a chance in this game is to run run and run! The Celtics are too old and slow for us.

RUN, RUN, RUN...Celts will die in the 4th quarter!

The Celtics are too old to keep up with D'Antoni's system. They run on every shot and the Boston Cripples will die by the end of the game. They'll keep it close but we'll pull away at the end. Book it.

LOL......Celtic fans are scared to death. Carmelo is coming soon

Good News no Shaq tonight! He would have killed us and had Amare in early foul trouble.

I wish shaq was playing so there would be no excuses when/if we win the game..

Knicks will win today!!! It took Rondo 24 assists for the Celtics to beat us the 1st time this season (and they only beat us by 4), no way rondo is dominating again.

I really want the Knicks to win this one, as I really don't care for the Celtics. Sadly, I don't think the Knicks will win tonight -- but here's to hoping!!!

Celtics going to get smashed tonight Run those old men ragged

The big 3 grandpas will be huffing and puffing all game long my main worry is there bench always has career night against us

I'm worried about glen Davis, he is gonna bully our guys. Need to get him in foul trouble early and make him pay.

My prediction is the knicks win and somebody lays pierce out ( I hope )

Or Rondo. I hate Rondo so much.

We have a good chance of being 2nd in the eastern conference if we find a way to beat the scumtics and the Miami weak


And Gallo is laying the pipe down hard on the Boston Cripples now.

I hate Nate Robinson, someone needs to knock his wanna be tough ass down on the floor.

What an ugly bunch of punkass cripples.

I'm loving whats going on but we still need more size for this type of team.
They are missing S.O'Neal,J.O'Neal,K.Perkins,and LeBrons dad Delonte

Boston is going to attempt to intimidate the Knicks early. Expect a couple of cheap shots when the refs are not looking.

Not to sound like a homer but I dont think the Celtics can intimidate the knicks...amare is the man in the middle and he will abuse garnott,big baby(thie guys sucks) and whoever they throw at him

Do they call any fouls on that goon Garnett?!


Celts are not sharp Step on the throat!!!

Celtics ain't ready for us tonight, they must have thought they were playing last year's Knicks.

Celtics talkin all shyt out there. KG thinkin he is intimidating somebody with his antics

KG is the most annoying player in the NBA

We're getting offensive boards like it is going out of fashion.

This is my biggest concern... We need Amar'e to play 40 mins to win. He cant play at this level for much longer with so many minutes

The Knick bench look bad against Boston's even with Gallo and Felton

We're winning but the diff between the Celts and us is the Celts are deep, they can wear us down late in the game. JVG and Jackson have been saying the Knicks should trade anyone not named Amare for Melo but to me cap space and player depth are more important than Melo.

Alot of Boston fans in the crowd

We are drawing alot of fouls very early, very good for us.

Knicks look tired up by 2 pathetic I tell u

This crowd suck big time , bunch of losers

I think there's 50/50 Knicks/Boston fans here tonight, and that's just terrible. I'm disappointed.

Thats what I'm thinkin too!! We gotta pump this team up....if it were Boston theres no way it would be so lathargic.....wake up NY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the homecourt advantage!!!!

Lets finish these guys..send a message to the three guys in Heat..

Three guys? Two guys and a extremely tall cheerleader

The Celtics only get back when our bench is in .... And that's a bad sign

WHEN we win tonight espn n everyone will say its cause they didnt have the oneals and Perkins....well we dont have curry he equals half of them hahaha

Doc doesnt know what to do...Amar'e made his entire front court look like 12 year old girls in the first half

Felton is a all star amare is the mvp already

I figured out why doc isnt focusing on the game hes remembering his good old knick days hahaha

KG looked like he was in slow motion on that dunk... Stop it old man

**** nate he never played defence from us

Pierce gets so many calls

We cant let nate heat up we no wha hes can do

Ughhh this refs are garbage

The refs are giving them the game

These refs hate us, for real

You need a bus to knock Davis down. What a flop!

We need to play smart and I'm glad Rondo in because Nate was scaring me...

Win or Lose, this is a hell of a game.

The refs are calling a ******** game.. For both sides.

Pierce is such the biggest baby

Felton just made a statement on purpose with that last layup. I can get by rondo, I can get by nate, you have no one who can stop me.

Wow stat is killin I bet lebrons wishing he signed with the knicks instead of going with that pansy Bosh

If we win this game, those ESPN jerkoffs are gonna be like "they only won because Shaq didn't play, they just got lucky"

Boston getting there *** whooped on national t.v

Look for Ray after this timeout or that guy who'se tight with the refs(Pierce)..

We cannnot get any darn rebounds omg awful awful awful

We need to shut KG up

KG wanted that board more than Amare for sure...this team will not back down

Felton gets thrown on the ground and it isnt a foul. Piece gets his shirt grazed and he gets 2 shots

Freaking Ray is a killer with those 3's

This is just a joke that non call for felton is goin to cost us the game

We are getting robbed

Here we go again.... Please win Knicks, I've forgotten how it feels to lose

Please not another Boston Buzzer beater

The ball is going to Pierce..The refs love that guy.

Celtics going to choke Old men aint got enough left in the tank
Best years behind them and they can't hit this game winner

Omg. Pierce with the dagger.

God I hate that guy

OMG That better count

They should've put more time on the clock before the play

Obviously a Clock mal-function.. We got robbed..

I thought there should have 0.07 seconds left after the pierce basket and then that 3 by stat would have been the game winner this is BS they took to much time off the clock

I hate a moral victory here, ref's stink...

If they would have checked the ****ing clock and added the extra .03 we would have won

How did they not put more time on the clock. They didn't even review it. The refs lost this Game

We didnt get a single call when we needed it

The Knicks should protest this game.

We only got only got ONE foul shot in the 4th despite attempted murder by the Celtics.

Was it me? Or did Paul Pearce get every call. Not anyone else, it was fairly officiated except for Paul pearce. There were two fouls against Gallo in which Paul Pearce clearly pushed off. Idk I'm not giving excuses but the refs gave the Celtics that game.

So mad Dantoni didnt argue the time left. Atleast .7!!! .7 .7 .7 .7 .7 .7 .7!!! And gallo missing those 3 free throws didnt help. But now we know we can contend with Boston

It amazes me how no one on MSG or espn mentioned that there should have been more time on the clock. Is every one f ing blind and dumb.

I just thin we can beat eVery team right now except for the heat and spurs

I need a bottle of Jack right now

Never mind Pierce, How in the world does Ray keep shooting those dagger 3's..Old man is unreal..

I don't like bostons' reaction and their fans should not be proud of it one bit, I wouldn't if we did it...

I don't know if anyone talked about this but the last shot pierce took he elbowed amare to get space and shoot ...there was no foul wow I wonder how many times pierce slept with refs to get all this ******** calls

KG after sitting on the bench for most of the game was fresh in the fourth quarter and got some crucial rebounds..Rondo came out of nowhere back in.. I thought he was hurt.oh well..
We'll remember that bow at the end by Pierce for sure..

There were more unfair call for the knicks than Boston there was one moment were refs blew the whistle and changed the time twice allowing Celtic grandpas some extra breathing time and setup there defense not to mention the technical on amare

Knicks won this game in my book... We lost to a tenth of a second not Boston...

I'm tired of watching "the Old Three" dominate the NBA. I can't wait until the Celtic players begin to physically break down.

So no one mentioned yet that it should have been .6 left on the clock rather than .4? Hmmmm. People talk about a conspiracy to give us things because of the market but the refs don't go back and check the tape on that shot. Shadiness.

We couldnt make a stop when we needed one and thats all there is to it. No refs, no shot clock operators, just our inability to make a key stop...