Comments From the Other Side - Bulls 12/3

Lots of complaints about the refs from Chicago fans.   I thought the refs let a lot go on both sides last night and weren't that bad, even if it was Bill Kennedy.  I loved how they started out about how Rondo's garbage and how much better Rose is and ended up talking about how much better Rondo is than Rose.  Some good stuff and they are always better when we come out on top.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side....

We better win this one.

I really don't see us wining this game, but most of the time I'm wrong so go bulls.

This time we get revenge. We got boozer.

Ugh. Why do we have to be at Boston again?

God I hate playing Boston

We have to win this or I'll be super depressed

I want Rose to make Rondo cry. Is that really too much to ask?

I want to make KG cry.

Let's just make them all cry.

Woo hoo! A team that's not Orlando!!!

We are going to win this game. Book it.

They bearly squeeked by in OT last time.  We'll blow them out this time.  Rose and Noah will be extra motivated.  No contest.  

I'd rather play the Celtics than the Magic, and I'd rather play the Celtics than the Magic in theplayoffs even though the Celtics play with a lot more heart.

This will probably be a double OT loss to give us a NBA league leading 6 moral victories.

With Boozer sucking and the rest of the team dazed Celtics 157 BULLS 12

Definitely more generous than my prediction. Celtics: 1,000,000 Bulls: 0

Boston's front court will kill us. We can't defend big men as of lately. So I'll go with the trend and say the bulls will lose this one. 98-86 Celtics.

Even with the injuries the Celtics bigs are more than capable of handling the bulls bigs. Which goes to show how good their depth is. Shaq/kg/Davis/erden is good enough to handle Noah/boozer/Gibson/asik

Rondo sucks.

Rondos garbage

Rose is sooooo much better than Rondo it's not funny.

Anyone who thinks Rondo's better than Rose is on drugs.

Lol, rose running into shaq is like running into a wall

A soft wall but a wall none the less

Big baby goes down! Fat *** punk

I hate Glen Davis.

Thats one way to win. Give em all concussions

Rondo is a ****ing gnat.

We have no inside presence at all. They are attacking the paint like it's free

This team is officially garbage

Jesus shaq, take it easy, you'll kill someone

Rose is going to keep getting hit like that unless someone does something.

And who exactly is supposed to do anything on our team full of featherweights?

Foul out the whole team!

Shaqs a damn monster

I'm so tired of hearing about how great KG is. When will announcers grow a pair and harp on the fact that he's a scumbag

Seriously, you got to love the excitement of the Boston crowd. TD Garden has always been loud.

Was Marquis Daniels in Predator?

Lmao nate Robinson looks like a midget on TV

I know the Celtics are the leagues best FG % team on offense but I think you could probably hold them to a % a little lower than 65% huh? Somebody please kill Keith Bogans. I'm serious

So many whistles being blown in our favor. Can't believe it.

At some point, Shaq will get hurt again. However, he looks great tonight.

Asik should have been fouling Shaq. Why did we sign him if we're not going to use him to foul Shaq?

Why don't they just give Asik a foul the moment he leaves the bench and save themselves the trouble of blowing the whistle?

Alright I'm going to drink my stupid 4Lokos just to experience something a bit worse than the Bulls defense.

The referees are once again, a joke. They must be blind to not see Rondo on Rose's back right there. Its just ridiculous.

Wow. On a whole, NBA refs might be the least competent professionals in the US.

These refs are terrible. On both ends.

Why does Boston hate Noah?

KG is talkin to his imaginary friends again.

Rondo is a poor defender, good at steals

So apparently Rondo and Garnett don't get fouls called on em. Good to know

I despise KG, low form of life.

Finally, we get an all-star big that can get some calls in the paint. Easy points.

I've seen KG push Noah as they are running down the floor two times already. He mad.

I just noticed something. While Brewer is not tall or strong enough to stop a wing like Vince Carter, he matches up pretty well with skinnier two's like Ray Allen. I really like how we match up against Boston. With the exception of Shaq who weights more than our whole team combined.

KG is a piece of crap. Can't wait for his career to come to an end.

Damn Noah sucks

Noah letting KG get in his head.

KG owning Noah right now... C'mon Jo, remind KG he's old

Only down 5, we got this

4Lokos almost gone. Feel like a piece of garbage, Ray Allen is great, I hate State Farm.

Celtics get the most home cooking in the league and it's not even close

There is a point at which you realize this is not bad reffing, its intentional. For me that point was the Rose foul Garnett. What the hell did Rose do to the refs?

Down 5. Celtics old ***** will tire out.

I hate KG

Ray Allen is pretty much the only Celtic I can stand.

Bogans you suck so bad... I hate you

Garnett with 13 rebounds. Noah with 2 Did Noah just forget how to rebound???

Rondo is kick'n our arse!

This team is a ****ing joke.

Rondo is such a non factor for scoring.

I hope Bogans gets a new jumper for Christmas

Not gunna lie, if Noah was on any other team I would hate him.

I am sorry rose but rondo and the Celts are in your head.

We are the worst FT team in the history of organized basketball.

Rondo is dominating rose. It's just a fact.

Finally Shaq with 5 fouls. Let's take advantage now that Mount Shaq is finally out.

Get that big sucker out of the game. Maybe now we can make a run.

Take rose out already. Rondo owns him.

And this is why most people like Rondo over Rose, he can run the offense and make the passes. I still like Rose more but Rondo is awesome at what he does.

On a team without 4 HOF players, he averages 4 points.

it's not about points all the time.......and have you been watching the game? it's not like h'es just passing and they're just shooting it. He's passing them to get easy baskets. A scrub would make that shot.

Seriously, when's the last time Garnett was around the bucket on offense this often? 2002? He's a **** glorified jump shooter at this point.

Rose is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more talented than Rondo...I just wished he had 20% of Rondos inteligence...

Game's' not over. Cj is about to own nate Robinson!!!

If Nate Robinson became a Bull I might actually have to cheer for the Bucks.

We look like a lottery team.

Thibs d philosophy sucks.

Guess it means that Thibs defense was overrated then, maybe it was just the players.

Celtics defense is scary good. They aren't even allowing us to get into the paint

With all that ****ING cap room we couldn't find a decent 2 guard who can SHOOT the ****ING ball!!!

You know whats awesome about our team this year? The amount of free throws and open shots we miss.
Substitute "pathetically awful" for "awesome" in my previous statement.

Now we gotta hope their bench comes in and sucks and lets us back in the game again.

I hate big baby... All I can think about is when he shoved that young kid to the ground in Orlando

Rondo is picking this team apart, and it's bothering the crap out of me.

Thibs gives these idiots Scalabrine

Scal getting a standing O, would have been funny if I didn't hate Boston so.

Give Boston some props, they are the best team in the East with the best defense in the NBA.

Seriously how easy is it for Rondo that every single time he passes, it, the guy hits the shot. He isnt doing anything special out there. Just look and pass. Rose is doign the exact same thing on his side but it ends up in airballs.

I love the Celtics bench with all my heart. Its just terrible and without them, we'd be down 30.

Garnetts resurrgence has given these Celtics another 2 year window at least.

Rondo really is that good. I know he has a great cast, but he's extremely good.

Thibs is the most overrated coach in the NBA.

I really hate to say it but because of our "team" The Rat Rondo out played Derrick.

The Bulls are starting to remind me of that group of scrubs the globtrotters use to kick around all the time.