Comments From the Other Side - Blazers 12/1

You have to feel some for Portland fans.  The Blazers have been hit hard with injuries.  They get the number 1 pick and then never get to see him play because he's been injured ever since.  That comment about expecting a piano to drop on the team at kind of sums up their mindset right now.     But then again, the Celtics have been hit with injuries too.   We  have 2 centers on the shelf right now.  We have a key bench contributor out.  And our two PG's right now are playing hurt.  We aren't going to get much sympathy either. The comment about Roy's BBIQ being ruined by his knees absolutely cracked me up.  Enjoy this version of Comments from the Other Side...

Can we please play 6 players at a time?

I don't see why not. It's in the hardship exception, right?

I wish we still had Pendy or Howard for this game just to goad Garnett into a fight, and then kick his ass.

Celtics blowout.

We are a major underdog tonight
Boston has 79% chance to win
We have 21% chance to win

So you're saying we have a chance? I'll take it.

I’m rooting for a loss of less than double digits.

Here I am...back for more again     Why do I do this to myself. I know what’s going to happen and yet I watch?! What the is wrong with me?!

The Celtics lost to the cavs and the raptors So

So we equal the cavs and raptors Great.

Gonna hate watching KG, Pierce and Allen's smug faces
These guys have a hard time delivering a beating without rubbing it in

Our only hope will be if the Celtics overlook the struggling Blazers and the Blazers take advantage.

No chance for a win we have Camby, Aldridge and Cunningham going up against Shaq, KG and Big Baby. This could get ugly

I cant stand Garnett....someone shut him up plz.

I think this game could make or break the season, so even though I think C's will likely win, I'll go with the Blazers since we relly need this one.

I think the better bet is, will Garnett get on the floor and bark like a dog again, even though bayless is no longer on our team.

Man I hate KG...I hope he breaks his pelvis tonight

Scoring over 15 in the fourth would be serious progress. How sad is that?

Everyone here is going to feel pretty silly when Roy dropps 50 today And blazers win going away

I would probably run naked into the street with the Blazers logo painted onto my chest!

Boston thinks getting Roy into foul trouble is gonna HURT us, lol!

'dre if you try to hack Big Daddy make sure he doesn't score the basket.

I hate our defense

What defense

Hugging Shaq kind of defense.

Miller tried to bear-hug shaq to no effect

Apparently Garnett can take 4 steps.

Did Wesley switch bodies with Ray Allen?

I like the new shaq

Where is this energy coming from?

Apparently we realized that we don't absolutely suck.

Boston looks lost. Sweet.

Boston clearly is not focusing. 7 turnovers already. Hopefully they continue their sloppy play if the Blazers have any hope in winning this game tonight.

Rudy on Shaq would mean we'd be sending flowers to the Fernandez family.

Boston seems to have forgotten that you need to dribble the ball when you move.

No matter what happens...I will always remember that we stomped them in the first 10 minutes!!!

Glen Davis just bugs me for some reason.

I am not a Von Wafer fan.
He sucks And thinks he’s an all star

Ah crap Patty mills in

Game over! Patty in for garbage time in the 2nd!

Thanks for your analysis on the Rudy situation, clueless Boston announcers

Marquis Daniels looks like Yourlocal drug dealer, with the sleepy eyes and Jamaican-style hair.

Portland is too white to have drug dealers like Daniels.

Who's the white guy for Boston?
Some Turkish dude?

Portland definitely came to play tonight. I would be pretty stoked if they could whup Boston in Boston.

Surprise Garnett hasn't been much of a punk-bully yet..

We need somebody who can actually kinda guard Rondo.

Shaq is a stiff out there.

This win would do wonders for this team!!! Too early?

Too early. Stern will call the refs at halftime.

The Celtics announcers make Mike and Mike seem impartial.

Rondo is clearly passing up good shots to get assists He isn’t really helping his team

I don't normally advocate violence but someone should bash in rondo's knees. I HATE THAT GUY!!!!

We've seen too many injuries to blink at this point.

I'm just numb to it now. Just so very numb to it. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if a piano fell on all of them in a time out.

Portland has 15 fouls while Boston only has 8. Doesn’t seem right.

I thought the reffing has been fine

I gotta say, Boston’s announcers are awful. They just offer almost no analysis whatsoever. A little surprising, given that Tommy Heinsohn was a pretty darn good player in his time.

Joe Johnson is a good friend of #7

They became friends since they have so much in common “hey, you like to hold the ball for 20 seconds and then throw up fadeaways? Me too!”

it's amazing how many turnovers the Celtics get and they still manage to win..

We actually might win this. that’s hilarious.

Get the wheel chair! Pierce got fouled

Is it my imagination, or is Shaq even bigger than he used to be?

He must be close to 400 pounds

Haha! Someone bloodied KG's chin.

LOL Camby gets PP called for a foul When Camby nearly knocked him over lol

Portland is ugling it up, but it's getting the jerks in foul trouble.

Ball stuck on rim. Blazer season in a nutshell.

Put KG back in...tired of getting killed by the baby

Boston ends the 3rd quarter on a 17-4 run, looks like we're back to our sucky selves.

Everybody getting ready for the 4th quarter meltdown?

Pierce is just ridiculous tonight, not looking forward to this 4th quarter.

Big Baby is now my least favorite Celtic.

Can I get this baby Davis guy on our team?

Miller schooling Rondo tonight. Miller possibly the most underrated guard to ever play in the NBA

Baby is bailing them out Put KG back in!
Can we trade for Big Baby?

If we traded for everybody who lights up the Blazers we’d have a rather large roster.

He's not a scrub though. Portland usually lets one opposing scrub have a career night. For a minute, I thought it might be that Erden dude.

He’s not a total scrub, but he’s not very good either. At all.

I never liked Fernandez He’s never been anything but a streaky shooter and doesn’t have fantastic other skills to make a difference when he’s not hitting shots.


No one apparently

God 4th quarter....I hate you.

Gawd, I just can't stand Fernandez He’ll have a decent game every now and then, and lays bricks for multiple games in between; including this one

Terrible shot by Roy, and even worse flop!

Roy can’t seem to drive on anyone anymore. It’s sad to watch him try to bump and grind on a scrub like Daniels.

Daniels is a competent defender

I would really rather see KG in than big baby.

They're in together. What do you think of that?

Not a Clyde Frazier fan though since he sounds like a retarded Dr. Seuss.

Miller is unstoppable against Rondo lol

How come the corrupt refs listens to doc rivers like hes some
Special interest lobbyist? America, best country money can buy.

Doc Rivers manhandles the refs like the drama queen that he is, for the entire duration of every single game. It’s one reason that losing to Boston really gets under the skin. That, and Kevin Garnett.

If someone as slow as pierce can destroy the blazers
Why cant Broy do the same against other team.

Roy has NO killer instinct. NONE

that’s not the problem. The problem is that he has no knees.

Did anyone see &%$#@ Garnett clapping his hands in Roy's face?

Ray Allen should be on every team we play this year...

Why take a TO?

Nate wants to make sure there are none left at the end of the game.

If we win this game, Nate will coach the blazers the rest of the season. Please do what you do best and lose the game and save us the drama.

Pierce is one of the best closers in the game.

Roy hits the biggest shot of the game. His shot is still there, but his bbIQ is ruined by his knees.

Allen with the dagger

I've seen this movie before. Sucks just as much as the last time.

Sure. Leave Allen open behind the line. He can't shoot.

Good decision to leave Ray Allen wide open in the corner. Yawn.
I expected him to make always ends with Allen making a 3 pointer. WHEN WILL HE RETIRE!

Don’t leave Ray Allen no matter what you do. Even if he’s 2-10

I've never wanted a W more in my life At 6:00 into the 4th, the cameras show Pierce being a cocky bas**rd on the bench.

Our 15-0 run, impressive. Gave many fingers to Boston via computer screen. I h8 them more than the Lakers.

One step closer to the number 1 pick! Hopefully no centers with huge hype are planning on entering the draft...