News and Notes on 11/15

Twitter, as always is the place to go if you want information.  Today is no different as reports from practice were coming hot and heavy from several sources including Chris Forsberg, Paul Flannery, and Evans Clinchy.
First of
all is the report that Jermaine O'Neal could be out 2-3 weeks.  Nothing definite has been reported as to what the problem actually is,  but tests and treatments are still ongoing.   Doc said that they don't expect to look to add another big man unless it is obvious that Jermaine's absence will be long term. 

Also missing practice today was Marquis Daniels who has what was described as a "family issue" that he needs to attend to.   He may also miss Wednesday's game vs the Wizards.   Prayers going out to Marquis that everything will be okay for him and his family. 

Avery Bradley made his return to the practice floor today and reports are that he was looking good, playing some 2 on 2 with Wafer, Lue and Harangody.  At one point, he made a dunk that caused both Nate and Rondo to squeal with delight as they watched on the sidelines.

Various activities were going on after the formal practice ended.  The 2 on 2 game with Wafer was one.  Rondo stayed after shooting free throws.  Nate had a photo shoot that included him having to dunk a football.   Delonte West was putting up shots and as always, was the last one off the court after practice.  

Delonte is excited for Wednesday's game and is relieved to have the suspension over and done with.  He feels the need to prove himself to the team and knows he needs to earn his playing time. I'm pretty excited to see the bench with Delonte in there with them. 

And some exciting news from ESPN's power rankings.  For the first time this season, the Celtics are in the top spot in spite of the fact that the Hornets, in the runner up spot,  have yet to be beaten this season.   Lakers come in 3rd and the vaunted Heat are way down at #7.   Here is Stein's blurb that accompanies the Celtics ranking:
The Celts' only two losses came on the road on the second night of a back-
to-back. Our guy Rondo, meanwhile, has racked up at least 15 assists in seven of 10 games already ... after doing so eight times all of last season.