Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 11/21

Raptors fans are always very chatty during games and even in a loss, their comments are fun to read.   I think my favorite comment was "Devastating win"  It is sad that in the 13th game of the year, Raptors fans are already cheering for the team to tank.    I always can tell when the officiating is really bad because there will always be comments about how they are getting all the calls.  We face the Raptors again on Friday.  I agree with the last comment.  They need to enjoy it while they can.  The next game is going to hurt. 


Going to this game. Expect blow-out but won't be that bad if my boy Ray Ray goes 8-8 or something from three. Rather he kill us than anyone else.

If the Raptors want a slight chance at winning, Bargnani has to have a big game. If Bargnani is invisible... Expect a blowout.

Jack was the leader of the team and I have no idea how the young guys on the Raptors will handle this game, I expect a 50 point blowout.

Why does everyone say Jack was the "leader" of this team. This team had no leader, he just resembled one.

Big Baby is going to go off on the Raps

We are so going to win this game!

We can have a game where the only 2 points guards that play are Jose and Robinson.........this is going to be ugly

Will Bargnani's Achilles prevent him from playing? Or is it just sore?

I think we should rest him for the entire season. I wouldn't want to risk re-injuring his Achilles again later this season.
Uh...for health reasons, ya know?

Rondo hurt his hamstring in the last game, maybe he wont play?

Their entire starting unit could sit out and the result would be the same

If Rondo is out and Bostons lack of centers might be closer than you think. Evans is going to make KG his bitch because of the bad blood.

Calderon starting = Garnett barking.

We got this by 10. My predictions suck though.

If Bargnani, Evans and Barbosa go.. I don't really see it being a blowout, especially without Rondo to kill us. The Celtics are an elite team, but Rondo and Allen are the two players who have really burned us lately when we've played.. I expect a loss, but a close one.

DeMar will have a break out game as will Sonny and Bargs leading us to a shocking and satisfying win.

I thought Boston would start West. No matter, either Boston guard can get around Jose without much effort.

Didnt reggie call kg a chuahuah? This should be good

This is it. We're 4-9. Our last chance to beat the Jordan Bulls' record.

BOS always owns us physically. I thought it would end without Bosh, but nope.

Bargnani at least doesn't look scared of KG early on. I always thought Bosh was a little timid, intimidated by him.

Oh boy this is gonna be ugly, but you never know with dick bevetta reffin, he likes to keep things close lol

Guess who's leading the Celtics? Freakin nate Robinson, not the big 3, not shaq. Damnit calderon

Thats the 4th or 5th and1 today for the raps. That is solid

Tht was a bad call, peirce didn't foul >.> but w/e it was for us anyway xD

If not for nate this is alot closer. Hopefully he goes cold as the rest of the team gets cold as he chucks.

Yay for a scrub like Nate Robinson hitting everything he throws up

You could hear someone fart in the ACC today, what a lousy crowd

How many point did Nate have that quarter?? Man Wtf he is 5'9... Can someone please get a hip in his face or whatever

That too. But I haven't watched us in a while, so I've forgotten how terrible we can look at times. I mean, you see that Nate is hot, why let him get off? Adjust, damn it!

Well yeah we could trap him but then they have one Hall of Famer open somewhere else.

We're getting a ton of AND1's lol

Marquis Daniels looks like a costume from Michael Jackson's thriller.

I wanna see if KG does anything to Reggie for calling him a Chihuahua

Based on how much faster we are playing, I think we actually have a chance this game. We are too fast for Boston without Rondo...! There I said it

Part of me hopes Boston blows us out soon so that I can turn off the game and start studying for a test tomorrow

Bargs owns KG

Pierce's verbal flops are ridiculous.

Well, if we run all day we might have a chance. The old Celtics seems to be a bit slow today. Must be the White Vegas effect;)

Nate Robinson gives hope to short people everywhere. If only he wasn't such a little shit.

Keep it close and lose at the end. The Toronto Raptors way. TANK TANK TANK

Expect the Celts to wake up... But, Rondo does really seem like the engine of the team..

Pierce is one of biggest floppers

Dick Bravatta: k guys, you had your fun right? People got their money's worth. But we are obligated to give Celtics to win... So no hard feelings.

Liked the effort. Now, time to lose. Win-Win.

You have to love Dick Bavetta, has he ever been part of any blow out game? The guy just refs to keeps things close and give the people their money's worth..

Our boys don't know the meaning of 'quit'. There are a lot of other words they don't know the meaning of, most of them having to do with defense, but that's neither here nor there

We've never gotten that many calls against Boston. Difference in the game so far.

Shaq mustve got wasted last night, he doesent seem to know where he is.

That happens when you get old.

Shaq should just do everyone a favor and retire

Amir elbowed KG in the throat. KG looks like he's going to kill somebody

Weems proves that any player score a lot if they get enough shots...he really isn't that good at all. Celtics must be feeling like garbage that guys like Weems are scorching them.

Celts are playing like garbage

C's definitely are missing Rondo

Anyone who says that the big three make him look good is kidding themselves. He makes that team click.

Bargs with the big time move, has he ever gotten to the line as much as he has today?

Refs going to put us into the penalty early.

We're actually getting those 50/50 balls/calls today, which we usually lose against this team. Think we can take this if we keep it up.

Bargs is killing it right now, props go to you big fella

Oh yeah I forgot, Perkins isn't playing.

Shaq's out. Some **** calls. I feel for shaq.

Nooo Shaq don't you dare foul out. Your free throwing finesse is our key to victory!!!

Lol he was just standing there not even moving and barbosa ran into him

I'm tired of losing to Boston, I want this so bad. I know Perkins and Rondo are out, but it would still be sweet.

Remember guys. The Celtics are playing without Rondo, Perkins and JO.

Remember guys. The Celtics are playing without Rondo, Perkins and JO.

Amir has turned into Ray Allen from the line. Wow.

Please no ray Allen game winner....ill take a nate game winner Us raptor fans have suffered enough

Make Garnett take the last shot. We will win. Anyone else and we lose

Allen has killed us in this situations before, freaking guard him!!!

This is our championship.

Raptors have beat Orlando and Boston so far this

Raptors were shorthanded and still beat the Celtics Hell yeah!!

I hate to rain on your victory parade but Celtics were short handed too. Plus I hate to say it but we got some help from the refs.

We've been catching a break for the last 4 games.
No Wall
No Iggy
No Yao, and Brooks
And No Rondo, Perkins, and JO

Nice game, but I can't believe Nate had more rebounds than Bargs.

I love this win mostly because Garnett was talking so much ***** when they made that run. When they are down, he doesn't say anything, but when they are winning he starts talking again.

Everyone on the Celtics (not Rondo) is a studio gangster

Garnett abuses everyone and gets away with it. He's not the most respected man in the league. Plays with passion but forgets to draw the line as to dirty stuff.

I can't believe you guys are still arguing over who got the steal. Does it really matter?

Yes it does. That man is gonna have a statue built outside the stadium

Lol give the refs and amir credit too.

We got lucky. "The Steal" was actually a foul that the refs didn't call.

Devastating win.

Boston with the Big 3 against us...
With Bosh...1-11

We lose when we're trying to make the playoffs. Win when we're trying to tank.

Doc should be fined.
He said there were "questionable calls".
Don't people get fined now a days when you say something like that?

We won this one but you know Boston will absolutely kill us next time. Enjoy this one while we can.