Comments From the Other Side - Pistons 11/2

The Celtics/Pistons rivalry used to be one of the best. It's sad to see Pistons fans so defeated that they are talking lottery position 4 games into the season. It was interesting that while they were trashing their own players they had some nice things to say about the Celtics, especially Rondo. I had a few favorite comments in this one. I loved the one about Q (Pistons coach) having no heart or brain and hoping they could fix it when they visit the Wizards. I also loved the comment about Semih being a king in Euroland.  I hope you enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side and feel free to post your own favorites in the comments. 

All the injuries + DNP's for Monroe and Summers = short rotation tonight. Daye on KG could be a joke of a matchup to watch....

After the 3rd quarter, Pistons 88 - Celtics 75. I hope BG roasts the Celtics and co just like he did as a Bull.

Ray Allen should not be able to guard BG. I expect a big game tonight

Boston has been all over the map. They smacked Miami, lost to the Cavs and then narrowly pulled one out against the knicks. They should destroy us, but you never know.

BTW - we get a Big Ben vs Shaq matchup. I wonder what the record for the oldest combined age for starting centers is. There can't be many 36 vs 38 year old matchups

Anybody vs. Kareem in his final year? Or maybe Mutombo, since he was like 47 years old. :)

These games will make sure that some late season push does not cost us a high pick...go pistons...

"If your heart is not in it, you are in the wrong job. The bible says, 'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart...' Colossians 3:23" - Charlie Villanueva, via Twitter.

It seems that Villaneuva's body does not read the bible.

Charlie Villanueva needs a Shake Weight.

Is Q's wife name Dorothy? Because he has no heart, he's a coward and he lacks a brain, hopefully all of this can get fixed on our first game in Wash when we go and see the Wizards.

I think people are wrong to automatically assume the Celtics will win this game. They are a much better team, but the contrast in styles between the age of the C's and the yute of the P's can favor the Pistons if BOS doesn't really want to play.

I’m actually optimistic, too. We played well enough against Chicago that a team with a bunch of old dudes and Kevin Garnett up front doesn’t worry me too much.

I just dont see how we win this one tonight. Boston is a much better team and the Pistons have shown that they cannot finish games. I think this one may be lopsided.

No RIP might mean we have a chance in this one.

This one could get ugly. The Celtics aren't having to work on offense at all.

Look at the Boston offense. Every play is going towards the hoop. Even their outside shots are created on penetration.

I hate you rondo but I love your assists

This is not fun to watch as a Piston fan. Even Ben Wallace looks like he is getting owned.

The Celtics are WAY better than this Pistons team. They know what they are doing out there. Pistons look like they have no plan of action.

That 1st quarter showed how much better the Celtics are than the Pistons. Ball movement was excellent, great passing, rebounding, and defense. All things the Pistons lack right now.

They're looking at McGrady's leg. Who had 4 games on the McGrady injury meter?

Who else remembers when the Pistons used to play like the Celtics are playing right now? I do and this is depressing.

Yep. As much as I hate the Celtics, I sure do enjoy watching them play. Definitely my style of basketball.

Know some of you won't agree...but Rondo is a top 3 PG. I put him in the same class as CP3 & Deron. The guy is a triple double threat every single night and he plays big in big games. He's lightning quick in transition, and can break down a defense in the half-court.

Ok put this guy in Chris Paul's shoes and you really mean to tell me he'll have the same impact as him? Rondo can't put the ball in the basket if his life depended on it. Plus his court vision is overrated , the guy makes some questionable passes each game but his teammates are able to convert because they are GOOD!

I seriously hate Glen Davis.

Wow, the NBA has became a total joke. That was a tech? WTF???

Is there something in the Pistons' Gatorade that makes them dribble into three opposing players?

These new tech rules are utterly absurd. I hate you, Stern.

That's another new Stern rule. The Pistons must shoot no more than half as many FT's as their opponent.

I think Kuester picks his lineups out of a hat..

Ray Allen's jumper is so smooth.

That was funny. Rondo flailing to try and draw a foul call 80 feet away from the basket.

Refs have gotten pretty liberal on the hanging from the rim calls. Dude was doing some gymnastics on there.

They always let the stars get away with that stuff. Obviously, that guy was a king in Euroland.

Maxiell can't do anything. He's like Ben Wallace, if Ben Wallace couldn't guard anyone or rebound.

Wow. We can’t out-rebound Big Baby and Turkish Guy.

We can't even hang with their scrubs

What makes Rondo a top three PG is he plays defense much better than Nash.

I'd trade any 5 players the Celtics want for Rondo alone.

Rajon Rondo hits an open three. That’s about has shameful as it gets.

I get instantly annoyed when I see Violet Palmer's face. Is it just me?

Gotta be impressed with the C's... The time together shows... My pick for the Ship.

We are utter trash. No trade can save us

Lol 4 people were guarding Rondo. Man, we suck.

17 assists to 0 turnovers for Rondo...

You think their legs will hold up? Easy for KG, Pierce and Ray Ray to look fresh the 4th game of the season. What about the 100th?

I heard they already had tired legs vs the Cavs for the back to back..

Pierce just stood there waiting for a Piston to challenge that shot. Maybe no one should've run after him. He may have let the shot clock expire waiting for one.

The Pistons should get a couple of those "making a mockery of the game" technicals for their play.

Daye got out muscled by Daniels on a rebound, and he's our starting PF??

We suck... The worst part is no matter how horrible our record there is no guarentee we get the #1 pick.

Ur team really is this bad. It's not much of a surprise. Boston is a top 3 team in the league and the first serious contender we played... But damn. Just three years ago Boston/Detroit games were the biggest games of the season.