Comments From the Other Side - Nets 11/24

Like many of the teams we face, the fans started out with hope and then lapsed into hating on their own players.  After reading how disgusted other fans are about all the Celtics fans in their building, it was interesting to read the comment about being the only Nets fan in the Garden.  I also loved the comment about Shaq killing the Nets for 19 years and how it was getting really, really old.  And, of course, there is the obligatory "Celtics are old" comment.    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side.....

No Rondo, we need Harris to kill Nate

No Rondo But Celts are still the better team

Guard ray Allen with your life|

Derrick Favors owns the Celtics

I really am looking forward to seeing the potentially younger version of Garnett vs. The real Garnett.

Anything can happen, especially with Rondo out, the Nets might snag a win

I'm looking for Favors to dunk on Garnett's face

I hope we keep our fast paced offense against old *** Boston.

I am in the building tonight Hostile territory in here. Don’t see any other Nets fans.


Yes they are old and love the Celtics, they LOVE THE CELTICS

Shaq pick and roll- 6 times. And btw Nate Robinson thinks hes much better then he is

Lopez is getting abused by Shaq. :/

We ain't beating no Celtics

At least shaq's on the bench Brook was looking scared with the big shamrock in there

Nets: where no defense happen

Not sure why Pierce didn't get a T when he screamed "That's a foul" at the ref.

These Celtic fans and announcers bitchin bout every foul call called on them..

They're not used to games being called fairly.

The Celtics should be up 28-17 but that one guy air balled three times from point blank range, Harangody air balled a layup, and Mr. Drugs/Guns and love LeBrons mom blew a layup as well

Celts aer SO DIFFERENT without rondo

Petro got that garnett look on his face

People won’t give us credit for winning a game like this because Rondo’s out. The Knicks get crushed in games like this.

We can bury these guys Once the Big Fatty gets tired.

Damn these guys are good Good defense, excellent fast break

Damn that was some sick ball movement On that Garnett J

Superior ball movement We need to watch film of how they move the ball. Crisp passes

Ouch delonte hurt BAD

We always hurt players

Good bye, Delonte West, who let you play so hard?

Delonte was fouled But they didn’t call it

Again we hurt someone He’s not coming back

Bosten is a cheap team. I can see them trying to hurt one of our players

The Celtics are a joke without Rondo

Looking back and thinking how good Lebron would've been on defensive team like this.

I love Tommy Heinsohn for being from Jersey City, but man, I could choke him for years of being a horrible color commentating.

We need to make some more shots in the 2nd half. Boston won't miss those layups all game.

I can't believe how much love we're getting from the refs in Boston's building.

The Celts are just playing an awful game

Celtics aren’t scoring, 1-6 in the 3rd, yet they are coming back. Figure that one out.

Can't stop SHAQ!!!!

KG is annoying

Lopez really sucks against real bigs

Boston just can’t run out of big men huh

The Nets are fortunate not to be down 10.

Learn to pass the damn ball holy ****. How the **** can you let marquis daniels save that you dumb *****. Celtics have 10 steals? Are you serious? Pathetic.

I mean Lopez holding the ball high for 10 seconds and they steal it, Harris drives, they steal it,
Morrow passes it inside, they steal it. It's ridiculous, we need to learn to hold onto the ball.

Next practice, Avery should have Lopez wear a dress

Do the Nets know how to play basketball? This is the ugliest game I've seen this year.

It's official, the Nets are the worst team in the NBA in the 2nd half.

I love how every time the Celtics shoot the ball just because they flail their arms like a drama queen they get the foul call...

I hate Shaq

I've had to watch him kill the Nets for 19 years. It’s really, really old.

Way to leave Ray Allen wide open you ****ing idiots.

Failmar dribbles the air out of the ball again.

I don't think you even want to foul Shaq out, then you can't put him at the line if it gets real close.

Pierce needs to stick a toothpick in his toenail and kick a **** ing wall. I can't stand him.

Farmar's Basketball IQ + Outlaw's Baksetball IQ = Average NBA Player's Basketball IQ

Brook looks way too skinny Brook might be 240 pounds seriously thin.
Brook needs to eat a double quarter pounder meal super size with ice cream and apple pie before bed!

Yesterday he looked bulkier.

Brook is an Alien. He changes form when he feels weak.

Assist-to-Turnover Rate Boston: 25-10 Nets: 15-17

They're starting pg was out and they had 25 to 10 turnovers Thats all I have to say

Man the Celtics played absolute D in the 4th

If only Nets had Big Baby instead of SWill in the first place. And there was a time when Nets might have been able to trade Boone for Big Baby, not to mention Yi. How things would be different today for both Nets and Boston.

Big Baby wanted to be a Net and we wanted him, dont know what happend

Thorn had a fear of fat BB players.