Comments From the Other Side - Wizards 11/18

I'm always amazed by the number of fans are so down on their own players.  While Hinrich was busy trying to keep them in the game, the fans were trashing him.  Interesting mix of fans who were confident of a win and fans who had no hope of the Wizards pulling it out.  Some fun comments in this edition of Comments from the Other Side.  Enjoy....

We win this by 15+.

A Match-up nightmare for us, how do you counter? We may use all of our front court guys tonight.

We're going to get killed. I'm sorry, I try to be positive, but this is like the Orlando game where you know you don't stand a chance.

We'll get creamed tonight. Flip knows it too, that's why he played Gil and Hinrich deep into the fourth quarter last night - better to give Gil some more confidence and swagger than to rest him for tonight, since we're gonna get killed anyways. We have no answer for Rondo or any interior scorer - we won't have an answer for big baby let alone Shaq.

When has Boston ever blown us out of the water?? Bad as we are, we've always given them hell. We match up very well with them.

Wizards will blow them out just like they did the Raps last night.  Mark my words.  We match up with this team well and Blatche gives KG fits. 

Blatche goes for upwards of 30/10. Book it.

I'm guessing that KG, Big Baby and Shaq are huddled with the coaching staff right now trying to come up with a way to handle Hilton Armstrong.

They're probably cursing themselves for letting Thibs go.

Very curious to see how Gilbert responds tonight. I think this will be his first night playing in front of a truly hostile crowd.

I like the Cs roster. Ray Allen is a real professional. Rondo is having a wonderful year - averaging 15 dimes per game. Are you kidding me? Who cares if he has a J or not.

When is the last time we beat a team with Shaq starting? Honest question......

If I'm Javale on O, I'm jumping over Shaq everytime I get the ball... Easy to say from the safety of my television set, though.

Rondo is nasty.

Would like to see Booker — and even better, Seraphin — set some bonecrushing picks on that elderly frontcourt. Especially on Garnett.

Shaq looks weird in a Celtics jersey

McGee is a basketball moron. Twice he makes great plays getting an offensive rebound, and then takes poor shots leading to fast breaks rather than letting the offense set up again.

Only Flip Saunders would have a 6"7 Booker defending a 7 foot + Center.

McGee would be in the HOF if he played the Celtics every night.

The Celtics ball rotation Is a thing of beauty
McGee's getting pushed around out there down low. His lack of strength is really being exposed right now. But who doesn’ t get exposed by Shaq at one time or another?
Fourth on Erden Is he getting paid by the minute?
I cannot believe these bandwagon Boston fans have gone quiet because the Wizards are within 3

I'm an LSU alum and all, but I can't wait for Shaq to finally retire.

KG is just the worst sportsman Why did everyone want him to win a ring?

I hate to say it But I’m not pleased with these refs

The refs are crap, bogus calls
Man, that piped in crowd noise is just pathetic.

I think it's worse than that. It'd be pathetic if it were a Clippers or Timberwolves game. Butthe Celtics, possible the league's most storied franchise? How are they not completely ashamed?

Hinrich is just broke. I hated him on the Bulls, I hate him now. I can't wait for Wall to get back so we can see what this offense is really capable of.

Can Shaq ever get 3 seconds called against him?

Could it be that the refs just can't always see him down there, through the traffic? No thats not it.

Can we please start Fire flip campaign

Wow...did they really just call that a foul on Arenas? Whoever said Gil would get the A.I treatment wasn't kiddin. That was blatant.

That was a BS call against Gil
Allen embellished

Embellished is such a polite of saying it
Flopping is my preferred term

I'm excited for some Von Wafer in the second half Maybe his and Delonte will fight at midcourt.

Get Hinrich off this team immediately!!!!!!!!

I love how Shaq parks his fat ass in the lane and never gets called for 3 seconds.

I have to say... How do Boston’s announcers still have jobs? I mean, this is absolutely terrible. Homers are all fine and good, but have some class and decency.
They are an institution in Boston

An institution of suckiness? I can understand seniority, but have some class.

Not really their thing Even other announcers joke about Heinsohn Shoot, even their color guy makes jokes about his homerism.

It's Heinsohn Dude is HOF as a player and a Beantown treasure (yeah, he sucks if it’s not your team).
Yeah, it's tough to understand their appeal if you don't live in Boston I hated them, and then I went to college for four years up there and I understood why they’re beloved.

Kevin Garnett is an idiot

Garnett moves on EVERY screen he sets...

He's "intense" and plays the game "the right way".

I love watching Shaq shoot free throws

Rondo's hands
Pay attention: they’re as big as his feet. Dude is the anti-Kemp.

I wonder if Boston's home statistician is going to give Rondo 50 assits tonight?

This foul situation is ridiculous you’re telling me that as hard as the Celtics play defense that their starters only have 7 fouls?

How come they get every tick tack call and Garnett can murder everyone?

Does anyone in the entire world play their role better than Rondo plays his role on this team?

Length of suspension For Booker if he were to straight drop Garnett on a Kermit Washington style unload. It may be worth it (to me).

I peersonally send him a thank you card

I'm serious If they aren’t going to ref the teams equally, why play the games? Either let both teams play hard or call everything

Blatche makes my head hurt

DId anyone see Mcgee pushing Garnet out of the court lol.

Wheel chair is killing us

Why is Hudson on the team again?

Airballs. Foul the opposing team's pg

Let's bring in Seraphin to lay some wood on Pierce and Garnett Before they’re taken out of the game…

We were down 15 with afew minutes left in the 3rd, then Flip puts in the scrubs. Why? Is he trying to send another "message"? Now we're down 25. The "offensive genius" with the bi playbook strikes again. I'm officially on the Fire Flip bandwagon

Boston Down to 65% from the field 50% from three

We suck straight up

We all know if Wall played we would have won by 15-20.

Please note: KG will sweat profusely while on the bench as well.

I would hate West if it wasn't for the mother thing.

Well there's no shame in losing to the Celts.


It may seem very hard to believe, but this picture appears to be one of a Wizards player passing the basketball. I know, I know, hard to believe, but apparently, it did happen.

Haha even Shaq looks all surprised by the pass

Out-assisted 32-12

What do you guys think about Cartier making that steal with like 2 seconds left? Nate tried to tackle him in retaliation

Pretty classless

I thought it was classless on Nate's part

It looked like he actually tried to tackle Cartier – didn’t go for the ball, and used a little more force than I thought was necessary…. (flagrant one?)…

It's like shooting at your own basket to get a rebound for a triple double

Andray Blatche 4 TO, 3 reb, 0 ast, 0 FT, -28 plus/minus, -infinity hustle

-28 plus/minus in 26 minutes? How is that even possible?

I think garnett got in his head…something was keepin him out of the paint… Coulda been shaqdiesel Garnett is prolly a pretty big douchebag out there. He seemed to be clowning the 1 pt when dre was doing his face up 8 dribble routine and going nowhere on big baby, garnett and shaq were rofl-ing

Funny how a veteran team, with a great coach, great shooters, big men that can finish in the paint, and a top tier Point Guard (Boston Celtics) can make the Wizard’s defenders look slow and indecisive…. But against a team lacking any inside presence, without a great PG, and a Coach with a 42% winning percentage (Toronto Raptors) the Wizards rotated, contested, rebounded and looked disruptive and decisive on defense.

I'd be depressed but I know that if we had Wall in this game we would have won.