Comments From the Other Side - Bulls 11/5

The first thing that struck me when reading through the comments was how much Bulls fans hate Rajon Rondo.  Rondo is the one player most fans like on the Celtics but I guess Bulls fans see Rondo as a threat to Derrick Rose, who seems to always seems to come up short against Rondo.   There was a lot of complaining about the refs and I think there was more hatred toward their own team than toward the Celtics.  That always blows me away when fans hate on their own players. It's not like they have a team full of Mark Blounts.  Also some early dissatisfaction with Thibs.  I think my favorite comment was this one: "We need someone to remind Ray Allen he's old."  What's yours?

While Ronda does excel in many areas over Rose (better rebounder, defender,and dropping dimes at a Stocktonian clip), the reason why ultimately I choose Rose over Rondo every day of the week is simple: scoring ability.

I, for one, do not endorse degrading all women by associating a lady-name with the despicable likes of Rajon Rondo

I will use someone's suggestion and just state this: Rajon Randa can go hang himself.

I wish Rajon Rondo was a cancer patient.

I think we'll be competitive tonight There’s no reason to fear a shellacking from the C’s

I agree with the not endorsing the degrading of women by associating rondo with a certain feminine name But I do endorse the degrading of all extraterrestrial life by associating rondo with them

This could be another ugly game. The Celtics are tough to beat at home and we always struggle on the road. There interior defense is like a brick wall and they don't even have Perkins in there now.

Not worried about us not showing up the bulls always show up vs the Cs My issue is Boston will know our plays better than us

Anyone who was wondering why Thibs sat his starters so much yesterday, today is your answer.

All I'm really hoping for is that Rose destroys Rondo on offense so at least I have something positive to take from this game.

The way rondo is playing right now I don't think anyone is going to "destroy" him.

Hoping for the best but honestly this has a loss written all over it. 1st back to back..traveling on the road to a great team that's well rested?

The only thing that could go our way is the history with Boston, guys getting amped for the game even if they're any inside info tibbsy may have on his former team

Here's to hoping we can beat the odds by using last night's lack of intensity as motivation to match KG's intensity.

Rose drops 36/11 on Rondo

How many players bleeding by end of the game?

Bulls 95 Celtics 93 Scalabrine 35 points, 10 boards, 8-9 3pt, 6 blocks, game winning 3.

Haha, if the Celtics lose, I hope this is how it happens. Scal looks like a clown with the red hair and jersey.

Why the hell did he pick that hair color anyways?

Asik's' gonna do the peoples elbow on rondos face

I hope Joakim can get in KG's head.

Main goal for anything you can to injure Ray Allen. If we got burned by a Knicks team on threes,Ray Allen is going to be lighting it up tonight.

And this whole Rose or Rondo debate is so tiring. Yes, Rondo is really freakin’ good, but I wonder if in 5 years when the big 3 have retired, and Rondo is trying to carry a (potentially) crappy team, if we will view Rondo differently.

Jvg/Jackson doing the game tonight Cant wait for them to talk up melo again when we’re down 30

Rose has gotta step up, and hopefully we don't fall apart as soon as he's taken out, like we seem to.

It's kinda hard to sustain anything with no backup PG.

If Thibideau has the same crap rotation he came out with yesterday I'm going to lose my mind. I pray he sits Scalabrine all game and makes some sensible substitutions.

I just hope we don't get blown out.. Have we ever beaten the Celtics any time Garnett was healthy to play against us? It seems like the only times we've won is when he wasn't suited up to play.

Always seem to have this game early in the season: the back-to-back in Boston on ESPN. And the Bulls get massacred.

Kg is looking scary this season

Noah should be able to feast on Jermaine MadeO'Glass, not to mention Boston is his favorite team to play against

Bogans sucks so bad.

Any time KG wants to see a falling star.. Look in the mirror

How many times a game does Bogans throw that same pass? And can Luol Deng play any dumber? He drives through two people and picks up a charge, and now he can't make a layup.

We need someone to remind Ray Allen he's old

When I realized the game was HD, I went & got my glasses. What was my reward? Doris Burk in HD!!! AHHHHHHHHH! My eyes!!!!!

I hope Taj calls kg a cancer for leaving him open like 3 times already

Thats a foul? How do you get beat by big baby?

Fat Baby is surprisingly swift on his feet

Celtics are so unselfish on offense They have such a great philosophy

I hate glen Davis.

You know Asik isnt good

Poor Korver, the only non-turd on the bench and he doesn't even get to shoot the ball.

They aren't getting any calls! Every call goes against them!

Let them play refs and stop favoring Boston every damn time

If I could, I would literally stab these mother ****ing zebras right in the liver. Repeatedly. The NBA sucks. It sucks.

KG looks like a vulture.

WTF do these guys do during practice, it's like they haven't learned anything. Worst passing team in the NBA sheesh. Thibs is failing as coach so far.

22-3 in the 2nd. How embarrassing

This game shows me how much our home crowds suck.

Just give rose the ball, he is so much faster than rondo its unreal

They just said "We're going to look at the Miami / New Orleans game." that. Ridiculous. It's a game of no importance what-so-ever.

So we cleared a billion dollars of cap space to form a worse roster than last year. Pathetic.

Rondo just complained to the ref. Isn't that a t?

Not if you're on Boston, Miami or LA

Rondo gets nttn but Noah gets a T, great

These freaking bench players should all get cut, and start over with DLeaguers who actually wanna play

We should probably look into forfeiting future 1st-halfs. We sure as Hell dont show up for them anyway.

Rose has been the worst one out there.

Hurts me to say but he is really getting outplayed by rondo tonight

Its pretty sad when KG & Big Baby are better outside shooters then our Sg's.

Omg we suck

Is there a league memo or soemthing not to call fouls for The Bulls?

I don't get why we or any team in the NBA bites on rondo so much he can't score

The bulls have to play against 2 teams every night... The refs and the opponent

Rondo has cat like quickness
He is the only player in the NBA able to reach across another players body as he falling to the ground and not get contact. Now I’m going to go jump off the roof

So they don't call the fouls for us and make up fouls for them.

Korver couldn't guard a wet napkin

Well...finally a bad call against Boston

Rose sort of doesn't know how to run a team. He can drive and score but doesn't seem to 'run' a team.

Rose must be one of those people who just can't learn defense.

Rose can't guard rondo

I hate Garnett
I wish he played for the Bulls

I wish Rose stomped on Rondo's face while he was down there.

The refs have been consistently bad for both teams... At least there's that

Ray Allen = my most hated NBA player.

We really should have signed Ray Allen

Rondo is good. He is the perfect point guard for that Celtics team
On any other team, he wouldn’t be nearly as good.

This loss is as heart-breaking as it can get

U guys we are contenders. We are legitimate. Let people doubt us. If we had boozer in this we would beat this team. Watch next time we play them.

Celtics' Shaq, Perkins, West didn't play this game either.

Ok well maybe not.

C's outplayed us, what can you say?

The Refs CHEATED!!!

Loved the heart in this game, but the Celtics are the better team, plain and simple.