Comments From the Other Side - BONUS: Heat at Mavs

I was wondering how the Heat fans were dealing with their team's less than stellar start and it sure is interesting.  Here is a bonus edition of Comments from the Other Side including comments around the Heat boards during their recent loss to the Mavs.  Most of the fans are blaming the coach.  Some of them realize that their team has problems that go way beyond the coach.  There are even a few who think that LeBron is tanking because he doesn't like the coach and is trying to get him fired.  I was surprised to see calls to trade one of their stars already.  Some interesting stuff.  I hope you enjoy this bonus edition of Comments from the Other Side.  

I do not expect a win here but I might be wrong... This team really really needs to go on a 10 game win streak or so and pull away from .500 We should be much better than 9-7

When wade leads scorers we are 5-2
When lebron leads scorers we are 2-5

Feed bosh the ball early and hope he attcks and gets there bigs into foul trouble thats the way to go. Once he establishes himself than Lebron and Wade can go Bannanas.

Only player who's been constantly good was UD and now he only warms the bench for a long time.

This is a big game. Really need to win this one.

This will be a good game... I like our chances

I just hope LeBron and Wade shoot 15 FT's each and the Dallas fans have another cry and post YouTube clips of Wade drawing mystery fouls in 06 Finals

No Dan and Joey Crawford known Dallas haterz this time though

We can beat Dallas and I saw the real Wade last night expect at least a 30 point game from him .

Actually, the Mavs are a bad home team. They're better on the road.

They need an accomplished coach that they respect cuz being stars and closed friends they can always gang up to get things going their way. They don't respect Spo they don't give a **** about running his plays they have more faith in their one on one freestyle abilities.

I think it's great we're the underdogs. We're an unknown quantity capable of exploding into something special at any given moment. I say we blow the **** **** out of the **** mavericks...

Dont Worry the Heat's new recruit Dampier will be at the Sidelines today

Pretty sad that the Mav's have one guy who should scare us and we know that his going to get his. Yet we have 3 and were not sure if any will go off.

I have more fun watching Minny than this team. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE

If we can look like an actual TEAM for more than 2 minutes I'll be impressed. It hasn't even been 20 games and I'm getting sick of this crap...

Get Z out of there pathetic..

It's impossible to be mad at Z. That dude's so lovable.

This team would be so good with a good coach. It's not even funny.

So Chandler is the big man that will murder us tonight???

Bosh and Lebron running into each other. C'mon. How can we look that disorganized on D.

I hate this team.

Why this dumb ass coach continues to play Joel Anthony is beyond me. He's what an inch taller than LeBron? If we're gonna put a 6'9 center might as well play LeBron. At least he can grab a rebound.

I wish we ran plays after timeouts... I wish we ran plays.

Another turnover for LeBron.... Trying to force a pass in to Joel Anthony.
What the **** is going through his head?

It worked with JJ Hickson ....

Interior pass to Joel? Hell I almost feel lucky it was stolen.

Joel Anthony is the most worthless player in the NBA.

Dirk/Marion (Players guarded by Bosh) are scoring at will.... Smh

And thats a clear path foul how?
... Oh yeah it's Lebron James

I'd rather see a one-legged Haslem out there than Juwan Howard right now

10-0 run with Lebron on the bench........hmmm

This is Pathetic. WTF is going on? I swear this team is Bipolar. Why do we suck when we bring Lebron back in?

Last time I checked the championship wasnt handed out in November was it?
Ppl tend to forget the Celts were considered done coming into the playoffs and I remember most ppl on this board wanted us to play the Celts rather then the Hawks look how that turned out!!

Lebron stop shooting you ****

Please lose by 30 and fire the coach immediately after the game. PLEASE.

Can we trade Lebron already? No I am not panicking but ever since this guy came the atmosphere of basketball sucks in Miami for any true fan. And now he disrespects the coach like that? Wtf is wrong with this guy?
PS I'm talking about that shoulder bump he gave Spo... By the way I don't like Spo either.

And another 20ft jumper... Self destruct mode

Honestly terrible coaching or not you're never going to win a game when your 2 best players are wings and cannot hit a jumper to save their lives. Its like having two iguodalas right now and that sucks.


Those of you still blaming Spo.
Is it spos fault that he came out with a play and the big 3 especially LeBron jsut kept going one on one and either that or completely went the opposite?

LeBron and D-Wade need to learn how to f'ing shoot. They are pathetic.

I really don't like watching LeBron out there. This offense is horrible.

To be honest I'm wondering if the Heat were better off with just Wade-Bosh and using the LeBron money on great role players. Wade being the focus of the team would have been more fun than this.

For all of ya blaming Spo you guys really need to wake up and look at our stars. They are playing like crap. Recently a coach wants to teach Bosh something and he said nah. THis is the same guy who said the coach was to work and we want to chill. Wade needs to play some D someone is always lighting us up due to his lack of defense.

Pat Riley would slap each of the 'Big 3' one by one if he was on the sidelines. He wouldn't stand for this.

The coach cannot teach guts and intensity and heart!! These guys are showing none right now

For the people who say it ain't Spo's fault well D-train and LeBro have very similar offensive skill sets and it's gonna take a coach with a good to great offensive plan to make it work. This ain't like Boston where the Big 3 naturally complimented each other.

We need 1 of 2 things to happen :
1) LeBron gets traded out of Miami for pieces we need so that Wade-Bosh can shine.
2) Pat Riley comes back to the bench.

Heat starting to yell at each other in the huddle

This team makes me want to vomit.

LeBron's jumper is BEYOND broke. Maybe that elbow injury is still nagging him.

What the hell went on at training camp? .. I thought these guys would be focused and great on defense.

That worked last season because Jermaine Oneal is a defensive player, Joel can over help Bosh is SOFT Joel was exposed for being a trash

Okay what is wrong with this team? We thought Dwyane was back when he was back to his old antics in the 2nd and now he doesn't even try. LeBron has been playing like hot garbage all night on both ends of the court and Bosh is trying but obviously not hard enough.

The Heat are seriously a joke

This is the only time I've smiled since halftime

Lets hope Lebron runs Spo out like Shaq did with Stan Van Gundy

I feel like we're in fan purgatory. We (and this team) can't move on until Spoelstra is fired

Is Joel playing because he's the only one who hasn't completely tuned Spo out? **** this team is broken.

This is the WORST I've ever seen wade in his 8 years with the heat

I'm done with wade he's done. Trade him after he gets a good game for expirings.

Dwyane Wade is garbage.

Wade + LeBron both suck.

Wade has been the best player tonight. Despite all his turnovers and missed free throws

Rome wasn't built in a day but we sure have the bricks ready for the construction.

A guy like Doc Rivers or Gregg Popovitch would smack some sense into these guys.

We suck!


This wouldn't happen with a guy like Rivers or Pops.

We blew the game this game we coulda won and because of bad coaching we lost

Pat Riley has to be frustrated he csnt let this season go to waste

Trade Wade for Rose and Noah make it happen!

I dont mean to sound ungrateful but maybe we were better off letting lebron stay in Cleveland sticking with wade n bosh and spreading all that money around for some real QUALITY players...I mean maybe this is a case of too many chiefs not enough Indians?

Heat suck

Let's hope Wall isn't healthy enough for Monday's game or else we'll be playing against another point guard that will kill Arroyo.

We're gonna cruise in the regular season and dominate in the playoffs like Boston! Its all part of the master plan man!

Is it spo's fault when lebron is not hitting those open shots?

If Pat Riley thought he could do a better job with this team he would be coaching already. You already have the skill and talent. you can't coach heart.

I think if Riley does come some people will have to see that this team is flawed to the core. My money is Riley doesn't want to be the scapegoat so he will not jump in right now.

When will Spo realize that the system he is preaching DOESNT WORK

When we lose to Wizards Atlanta maybe cavs and lebron getting injured or shot and maybe even Milwaukee

They overlap too much in their talents. Plus they can't make up for the atrocities committed by your bigs. Zeke Joel and Damp is an awful center rotation. The Heat are loaded with playmakers and shooters but quality bigs are so essential. Thats why guys like Shaq can hang around so long.

All the problems would be solved by dumping Spo. LeBron will play better once he gets Spo fired. He realizes that this team can't be its best with Spo as coach and he's just doing what he can to get him fired so we can get a real coach.

I like how Bosh and James play together. Send Wade packing along with his boy Spoelstra and we could have a really nice foundation.

We could get Howard if we add a piece lebron& a pick or two and we'd need a3rd team invoolved this simply isnt going to work we have two ball handlers who :CANNOT: play off the ball Wade bosh Howard would be unstoppable

I still see major problems even if/when spo is fired. Our front court is soft slow and can't rebound. Combine that with our inability to contain opposing PG's and the HEAT have issues. Riley can certainly get more out of our guys maybe enough to over shadow our weaknesses but we do have problems at the 1 and 5.

That is exactly why I dont think Riley will coach this year unless it gets really bad...I'm talking like 4 or 5 games under .500...because Riley knows this isn't a contending team right now so I see him waiting til next year..