Stephen Lasme takes flight

First, here's the dunk that the NBA highlights from last night didn't include, but people were asking for. A sweet move, but the fall at the end in my opinion takes something away from it (At least it's not gymnastics or figure skating). I know Lasme is the new binky of many out there. I keep hearing how the "kid" has real potential as a back-up small forward to the Celtics. Two things to remember. A) He's not a kid. He'll be 28 years old in 2 months, which makes him older than everyone on the roster besides the Big 3, Marquis and the O'Neal brothers. And B) His jumper is atrocious, so he really can't play small forward right now. If you keep him hoping that years down the road he gets a jumper, just remember that in two years he'll be 30 and his athleticism (his main attribute) will be on the decline.

Lasme is a nice story. He beat Gaffney out for the annual role of college big man trying to win a spot as a small forward on the Celtics (Has TB done a WTHHT Junior Burrough yet?) and he's outplayed Von Wafer so far (at least in the games). I just think people might want to temper their enthusiasm just a little bit. Would be nice story if he makes the team, but he's not going to be asked to guard Lebron, 'Melo, or Durant anytime soon.