Recapping the Celtics Open Practice

So I was able to attend this evening's Celtics practice, so I'll post some of my "expert" observations here.
Unlike last year where I got lost on my way and then was pissed to have to pay $10 for parking in Lowell, this year's practice was at the TD Garden, so no such trouble. Besides the videos courtesy of ESPNBoston (4 more after the jump) here are some of my thoughts:

  • Glen Davis has a nice jumper, but thinks his range extends to KG's level. It doesn't. He's going to always have that long 2 available and there's a reason.
  • Von Wafer looked very good. He's quick, can drive and shoot the jumper. Not only do I see him making the team, but he'll be in the rotation to start the season. 
  • KG is a different man this year. Last year at the open practice he seemed moody and stiff. He was dunking and smiling tonight and is now 100% healthy.
  • KG sweats more than any man that ever lived.
  • Shaq (and his shoes) are even bigger in real life.
  • Kristine Leahy is even more beautiful in real life.
  • Nate Robinson will be much more of a factor this season. He's driving again now. Something he did in New York, but we didn't see in Boston last season.

  • Congrats to Stephane Lasme for making it this far, but I think he's on the outs. He didn't show much at practice except looking very awkward on the perimeter. He is not a small forward in any way and when standing next to Ray Allen is only an inch (or two at the most) taller. I do think if he goes to Maine and if Wafer struggles during Delonte's suspension there's a chance he could get called back up in November, but I just don't see an NBA player in the soon to be 28 year old former UMASS player. Sorry Lasme fans.
  • Mario West is definitely not making the team. One thing I love about Ray Allen is that despite that fact, Ray was spending a ton of time teaching Mario moves and plays.
  • Shaq can still make the backboard station shake for a good 7 seconds after a dunk.
  • You know how some games Rondo looks completely uninterested in his own offense? Well he was completely uninterested in this practice. He looked like someone called to wake him up and rolled out of bed right onto the Garden floor. In fact he wasn't even in practice gear and a guy next to me commented that he looked like he was wearing pajamas. I actually tried to find a pic of Bill Cosby in his crazy PJ's on the Cosby Show and photoshop Rondo's face, but no such luck. Sorry again.
  • At the end of practice when the players were throwing autographed t-shirts in the crowd, Davis for no apparent reason threw his at Kristine Leahy's face. Lucky for Davis he seemed to apologize afterwards as I was about to re-break his thumb. 
  • Nate Robinson stole one of Ray's shoes and threw it in the stands.
  • Shaq kicked a basketball in the stands.
  • Rondo and Nate seemed to get into it during the scrimmage. I thought they were kidding around, but Rondo looked seriously mad.
  • Perkins road an elliptical machine for the entire session. I think FL might be right predicting he'll return ahead of schedule. 
  • Rasheed Wallace was on the sidelines rockin' a Phillies hat. He received a nice ovation from the crowd and Doc raised 'Sheed's hand up. Not lying here, but on his way off the court, Nate let him shoot a 3 from the baseline and he chucked it off the side of the backboard. To my amazement he didn't follow it up with another attempt.