Random Thoughts as PP Answers His Own Question

In the offseason, Paul Pierce was somewhat critical of Danny's lack of moves, particularly in signing someone at the back up 3. Pierce posed the question in the media asking who was going to guard him in practice. It seems as though Pierce has answered his own question. From today's Globe:
“I really love our second team. I haven’t seen a second team like this since I’ve been in the league. I know I’m going to get better each and every day playing against them.’’
Pierce on Marquis Daniels: “He’s looking great, he’s the most versatile player on the second group. I think this is the most focused I’ve seen him since he’s been here. Maybe injuries had something to do with it, but he’s tuned in.
“He has a great IQ on defense. It seems like he’s always in the right spots, he’s always into his man, he has good lift on challenging shots, he has all the tools of a great defender.
“It’s all about the will, and he’s showing that will this year.’’
And, although he has been working with the starting unit of late, Shaq seems to embrace the role of leading the second unit, giving them the nickname of  BBM - The Boston Bench Mob.   And according to Pierce, Marquis Daniels is a big part of that mob.   Speaking of the Boston Bench Mob,  Perkisabeast has a great new shirt that I just ordered with the Boston Bench Mob on it.  You can see the photo of the one I ordered above and they have other fonts for the lettering on others.  While you are there, check out their awesome Beast Shirt.  And if you are in the shirt ordering mood,  CL's Grand Theft Rondo is also pretty awesome!    

So, it looks as though Marquis has won the honor of guarding Pierce in practice.  But, we still don't have that long defensive 3 to back up Quisy.  What happens if Marquis gets hurt?   I mean he did get a severe concussion just running into Marcin Gortat in the playoffs.   Danny still needs to find one more player to fill that slot.   There really isn't anyone who fits that description among the guaranteed contracts.  And they let Tony Gaffney go and I thought he pretty much fit that description, but Doc said he wanted more offense from that spot and not just the blanket defense that Tony offered.   We have Stephane Lasme, Von Wafer and Mario West vying for that 15th spot.  I'm not really sure any of those 3 fits that description either.   Mabye Danny is still thinking a trade of some sort.  Or maybe one of those guys will pan out.  But, I'm still not quite comfortable with that back up of the back up of the 3 spot. 

I'm pretty excited.  I just checked out Direct TV's online schedule and they show Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers preseason basketball on channel 751 for tomorrow night!    YES!   Even if they black out the CSNNE feed,  I should get to watch it on League Pass.    And Tuesday night's game is on NBA-TV so at least the first two games are covered.   Only one more day.  I can't wait!!! 

Oh, and Shaq doesn't just ham it up with the Celtics.  Take a peek at Shaq's new gig with the the Disney Channel. 

In the file of the ironic,  Tony Gaffney is going to be playing in the same league in Turkey that Semih Erden played in last season.   At the end of last season, who would have thought that Semih Erden would be playing on the Celtics this season and that Tony Gaffney would be playing in Turkey?  I sure wouldn't have.  

I'm not too worried about the injuries to Jermaine O'Neal and Delonte in the preseason.  The team went pretty hard at it in camp, especially Delonte.     And after a week of pushing themselves after not having played that hard for months,  a few back spasms and a tight hamstring might me expected.  Now, if these nagging injuries keep cropping up and they start to miss considerable time, then maybe I'll be a bit worried.  But for now, the team is being cautious and they aren't really injuries so much as the result of playing hard in their first week back.   At least, that's how I see it. 

Joakim Noah got himself a nice extension:  5 years and $60 million.   I'm hoping that Perk meant what he said about wanting to stay a Celtic.   I doubt that Danny offers Perk that kind of money.  But I can see other teams offering to pay him in that neighborhood.    I'm hoping that Perk really meant that he wants to stay a Celtic and will take what Danny offers, if it is reasonable.   I'd say that if Danny will go to $8 million a year, Perk will sign and be happy.    I'm hoping that Danny will give Perk an extension this season and lock him up to a reasonable contract.  I'd much rather have Perk on our side than defending the paint against us. 

I'm so ready for some Celtics basketball.   Just one more day!   Yahoo!!!