Random Thoughts as I Cant Wait for the Preseason

Last night I posted the first game thread of the season on the CG Boards.  Yes, I know it is 4 days early,  but I just can't wait for the games to start.  It sure felt good to post it.   I hope everyone checks out the CG boards as there are some great people over there with a lot of good basketball thoughts.   Now starts the anxious wait to see if I'll get to watch it or not.  CSNNE is broadcasting it.  I get CSNNE and I'm already signed up for League Pass.  Some years they black out the CSN broadcast here and League Pass doesn't always show them.   The Celtics website shows that it is going to be on TNT.  I'm not to sure about that.  The TV listings for Wednesday on TNT doesn't have it listed and I know they are televising the Heat's first preseason game but I don't see them picking this one up.  But maybe.   So..... I wait and hope I'll get to watch it somewhere. 
Some details are finally coming out about Clifford Ray's departure.  The Herald has an article about it and how Perk is going to miss Cliff.  They were especially close and Clifford has been responsible for much of the development we have seen from Perk (but Perk's work ethic had something to do with it as well).  Here is what the article had to say

Rivers explained yesterday that it was a matter of rotation. He felt that, after four years, it was time for a change. The move was also made with his new top assistant, Lawrence Frank, in mind. Rogers was on Frank’s staff in New Jersey.
“Just as I brought in Mike (Longabardi) when we hired (Tom Thibodeau) because they had been together, I wanted someone in here for (Frank),” said Rivers.
As some of us suspected, it had a lot to do with Lawrence Frank coming in as Frank's former assistant Roy Rogers was hired to replace Cliff.   Perk said that he and Cliff both had surgery at the same time as they repaired both of Cliff's knees this summer.   Maybe they weren't sure he would be mobile enough after double knee surgery, but Doc makes it sound like it was just to bring in Rogers to make Frank feel more comfortable.  Team player that he is, Perk said that even though he'll miss Cliff a lot, he'll go with whatever Doc says.  

Speaking of Perk.  I love this guy.  It has been great seeing him at practice and joining in on the pranks and being an integral part of the team even though he can't play yet.   He looks great, though.  No limp or brace.   That is all good news.   He's going to surprise a lot of people and come back better than ever and sooner than expected too.  I just know it.  Seeing him dance with Shaqplaying the enforcer for some Shaq payback on Nate,  and yesterday, tossing the football with Nate, Rondo, and Shaq  is really good to see.    I have a feeling that he will come back a much better free throw shooter because that is about all they are letting him practice on the court until his knee heals further. 

Reports out of Denver is that Shelden Williams is playing very well in camp.  Their coach tweeted that he has been the 3rd best player for them so far.  Either that says a lot for Shelden or not very much for the Nuggets.   Shelden played very well for the Celtics while Baby was out last season and then just fell out of the rotation.  But, I really hope he does well.  He may not have worked out with the Celtics as a player, but he is a genuinely nice guy and I wish him the best out in Denver. 

Rondo has accomplished a lot so far in his career.  And considering he has a ring, something he loves to remind the guys about in those 2K11 commercials,  he has done a lot more than some stars in their whole careers.   He now has a ring, an all star appearance, and is considered to be one of the best PG's in the league.   So, what does he still have to prove?  Will the failed USA basketball experience this summer motivate him?    Here is what he says in the Globe today about what he is out to prove this season:
“That I’m the best,’’ he said. “Hands down. No speculation. ‘Oh, he may be top three, top five, top 10.’ No, I’m the best.’’
There are a lot of guys who are looking to prove something this season.  The veterans will all be looking to prove they still have it and aren't too old.  The young guys will be looking to prove they belong.  Perk will come back looking to show he deserves his spot back.  Quisy will be looking to prove last year was a fluke and that he can play.  Nate will be looking to prove that those dark years in New York were more about the team than about him.  And Delonte is looking for a second chance to prove he's not a bad guy and that he is worth the chance Danny and Doc took in bringing him back.  It's going to be a fun year!!

It's only 4 days now until Celtics basketball.  I'm soooooooooooooooooo ready!   Anyone else feeling very, very excited about this season?