Random Thoughts 2 Games Into the Season

Cartoon courtesy Larry Johnson, WEEI
Everywhere I look, fans are upset with the direction that the NBA is going in.  David Stern is talking cutting players salaries and dropping teams in order to make the NBA lucrative again.  I have a suggestion for Herr Stern.  Stop regulating the fun out of the NBA.  Make the officiating fair and unbiased.   I read comments on the boards and blogs every day from fans saying they are not buying League Pass or not watching games or not bothering with the NBA any more because of the way games are being officiated.   If David Stern would clean up the officiating instead of legislating how headbands can be worn and trying to remove the emotion from the game,  fans might respect the game more.  His respect the game campaign is a huge failure because the rules aren't being applied the same for all players.   As long as I see LeBron James complain all the way down the floor about a call and not get a technical and I see Anderson Varejao throw a hissy fit on the floor that includes jumping up and down over a call without getting a T, I can not respect the game and neither can the players.  It's a joke.

Kevin Garnett has tied a rather unique record this season.  He has been on the winning team on opening night in each of the last 11 seasons.   This ties the record held by Tim Duncan from 1987 -2007 and Hal Greer from 1961 through 1971.   Pretty impressive. 

Dwyane Wade has said that he is ditching his Flash nickname.   That nickname was given to him by none other than Shaquille O'Neal when they played together.   This is definitely a dig at Shaq.  It's just one more chip on Shaq's rather broad shoulders for this season.  

When I watch Kevin Garnett digging in for a key defensive stop, all I can think of is an octopus.   He looks like he has more than 2 arms because they are everwhere.  Definitely an intimidating sight to see him with that growl on his face and those arms flailing everywhere. 

Anyone doubting that Kendrick Perkins will be back better than ever needs to think again.  Perk is not just sitting around while he is rehabbing his knee.   He is working hard enough to be way ahead of schedule in his rehab.  He has also lost 10 lbs and is working on losing another 10 before his return.  This will make him lighter, more durable, and quicker.  He is also shooting free throws.  He has a goal of making (not taking but MAKING) 300 free throws a day.  He is also working on his jumper and post offense.  Mark my words.... We will see a new and improved Kendrick Perkins when he comes back.  I'll leave you with a video from Chris Forsberg that shows Perk working on his offense at practice.