"Guess, the Celtics’ Season Record, Contest.”

I want to take this opportunity to invite all Celtics fans to join in the fun of Snoopy the Celtics Beagle's Guess the Celtics Season Record Contest.  First a little history of this contest. 

As far as we know the first such poll was run on AOL’s grandstand for the 1996-97 season, by “Riscott1.” From 1997-98 to 2003-04, the poll was run by NCC1701DJM, using a stern, Kenesaw Mountain Landis persona, first on The Grandstand and then as a feature of Celticsstuff as it migrated to: Bill Simmon’s Digital City Boston, other, unmonitored AOL boards and finally to Yahoo.

Snoopy The Celtics Beagle, has run this contest since 1998-99, for the Celtics@igtc E-mail list and since 2003-04 for both the igtc list and the Celtics Stuff Yahoo group. Snoopy lives at The Celtics Beagle Website, which is certainly the oldest established Celtic blog in the Celtic universe. If you aren't familiar with Snoopy I highly recommend that you visit his site and get to know him. You'll find a lot of great Celtics content there and Snoopy is one of the greatest Celtics fans around. I mean you have to love a guy who predicts a 74-8 record for the Celts this season.

Here's how it works. Predictions (and changes) are accepted until the opening tipoff of game 01 of the Celtics regular season, which this year is Tuesday, October 26, 7:30pm Eastern Daylight Time. So you have about a day and a half to get your predictions in.

You can specify a pen name, pseudonym, alias, what have you (please keep it relatively clean) with your prediction. If not, then you're stuck with the name used on the e-mail (though your e-mail address will not be used in it's entirety). One person, one vote, please, this is NOT a Presidential election. If your numbers don't add up to 82 games, your entry will be made based on the number of wins you predict. You can look up the current and past predictions by going on over to Snoopy's site and click on the link about the Predictions List. You can check out my prediction of 60-22 (and Banner 18).

To make your prediction, send an email to Snoopy at predictions@celticsbeagle.net
There are no prizes but you do get bragging rights if you are the winner. Join in the fun and be a part of this historic event.   Send Snoopy an email today with your prediction.   As the season wears on, I'll try to post updates so you can see who's predictions are still in the mix and whose have fallen by the wayside.