The Future is Now

Celtics basketball begins in earnest tonight and I couldn't be more excited. With all the talk of Lebron and the Heat, the Celtics come in as dark horses and with a chip on their shoulders.  There has been much debate on the Celtics off season veteran acquisitions and whether they are too old to compete for a championship.  However, I think this shows the Celtics commitment to bringing Banner 18 to the rafters.

People always talk about building for the future, but as we all know the future is impossible to predict.  You have to go for it all when you have the chance and that is what Danny Ainge has done. While other GM's may have blown up the team, Danny decided to bring in veterans hungry for a title. This coupled with last year's core seeking revenge from the finals loss to the Lakers makes them extremely formidable.

On paper, this team is better than last year, especially on the bench. The Tony Allen and Tom Thibodeau losses will hurt, especially on the defensive end. However, I think the additions they made make up for it. Delonte West is a solid back up point guard and can also play the 2 against some teams.  With the additions of rookie Avery Bradley, Von Wafer, and the return of Nate Robinson, Rondo finally has some help behind him. Imagine what Rondo can do when he doesn't have to play 40 minutes a game.

The front court was beefed up as well. The loss of Rasheed is a good thing for the Celtics. Did he help during the playoffs? Yes, but the guy was a cancer to the team for the most part.  I think Jermaine O'Neal was a good signing. As long as he stays healthy he can put up some solid numbers this year, especially since he won't have the pressure to be the 2nd or 3rd option anymore. Then of course there is Shaq Diesel. I still won't truly believe he's a Celtic until I see him step on the court tonight. Say what you want, but the guy still needs to be accounted for. With Perk always in foul trouble we needed a reliable back up center and Shaq fills that void. 

At the end of the day it comes down to injuries. Will Perk be the same Perk we saw last year when he comes back in February? Will Garnett have the same lift he had during the Cleveland series? Will Pierce and Ray stay injury free? The rookies may have an impact as well. Both Harangody and Bradley have a chance to play some meaningful minutes on this team and I think can contribute right away. 

At any rate, I think we all need to thank Danny for what he did in 2007. Whatever this year holds, the last few years of Celtics basketball have been a great ride and I look forward to more great moments for years to come.