ESPN gets something right

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ESPN has been pissing off Celtics fans (and NBA fans) a lot in recent years. The Lebron "Decision" show was probably the preverbal tip of the iceberg, but every time their "experts" have picked the Cavs or Magic to beat us, or the Lakers to take us out in 5, it gets a reaction. Add in the fact that the so-called "Boston Sports Guy" over there tends to agree with the experts and you can see why Celtics fans are turned off by ESPN. These Marvel Comics images are a step in the right direction (Unless you're a fan of let's say the Cavs, Nuggets, or Hornets). We showed you yesterday the Celtics version that will appear in the upcoming ESPN the Magazine, but I think all these are worth a look. There's one more NBA shot with Rondo (as well as a larger Celtics shot) after the jump.