Comments From the Other Side - Sixers 10/6

The preseason isn't always the greatest for comments around the boards. A lot of fans can't watch the games because a lot of providers don't offer the preseason in their packages. Last night, along with difficulties in finding the game to watch, Sixers fans were busy elsewhere watching their Phillies win a post season no-hitter. So, until the regular season, the Comments from the Other Side may be a bit sparse.

Another game gone unseen. Pre-Season sucks.

18% shooting, ….impressive

19 points, 14 turnovers - Double Double

Fagan on twitter says in the first half we are 16.1% from the floor, I’m going to go puke now.

The Celtics have some good defense but I don't think its all them. We're pretty much missing everything including open shots.

The Jruth has like 6 or 7 turnovers on his own already

EVERYONE looked terrible in the first half vs Boston

Um hello there's a basketball game tonight. Doesn't anyone care?

To answer your one cares about a Sixers preseason game

At first I was happy to see a working link to a live stream but this is just depressing.

Absolute garbage. Nothing positive about this. Ignoring the whole thing.

I can't believe we had the number 2 pick in the draft...sigh...the kid looks lost, like he doesn't belong...its just basketball!

He was suppose to be the most NBA ready player coming out of college, but since the summer league he has looked over-matched.

He's not used to playing talent this good. The preseason is for working out what you need to work on and getting better. Not to mention he played the Celtics.

Tiny Gallon was just cut by Milwaukee. And our interior defense is awful. And we have no one named Tiny.

You would think the team walked to New Hampshire from Virginia overnight.

If we're destined for lotto, might as well trade off iggy get favors and draft Harrison. PLEASE!

KG is on the bench and yelling like a mad man. Ease up big man. It's only preseason. Wonder how many techs he will earn from the bench this season.

Perkins looks just as ugly sitting on the bench in dress clothes as he does in the game. That's one scary mother.

Ugly game, particularly from our "backcourt of the future." I guess a blowout should of been expected going up against the Celtics without Iguodala and Brand.

I have always been steadfast in my belief that this was a much worse team than anyone was willing to give it credit for. My prediction remains: 25 wins, and take the under.

Gotta hand it to the Celtics though they looked good. They are one BIG team this season. Their old guys are moving pretty good. Scary good.