Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 10/10

The Raptors boards are always fun to cruise for comments. I mean, even the Celtics don't get an 85 page thread for a preseason game, and that was just one of the boards. After a blow out win to open their season, the Raptors fans were pretty sure they were going to roll over the Celtics too, but as the game went on, reality sunk in. But hey, they can take comfort in the fact that they aren't the Knicks or the Timberwolves. Enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side...

The c's are goin down they are too old to run with us

Dorsey will destroy shaq, enuff said.

Should be another blowout for the Raps no doubt.

We're lucky its only the Celtics and not a powerhouse like FC Barcelona

Shaq and jermaine. Right now, are just mere shadows of their former self.

I was watching tip-off between Jersey and them, Shaq didn't bother jumping lol

Anything less than a 50 point victory will be a disappointment IMO

If the raps play hard they should win this game. The Celtics aren't gonna want to kill themselves in the preseason

JO! They're bringing out the big guns against us eh

Rondo is afraid of Jose

Man its the Boston stream.. The most biased broadcast team in the NBA

CRAP, just realized this means a night of freakin TOMMY POINTS

The older team is out-running the younger team...

I started watching this game for maybe 3 minutes...and then I realized, hey, if I want to watch the Raptors suck, I want to watch them suck when our homer announcers can make excuses for their terrible play. Listening to the Celtics announcers is extremely painful especially when we're getting crushed.

Wow totally forgot that Jermaine is a Celtic...

I miss JO.

Give credit where credit is due. JO will always dominate an interior 6'8 PF.

Shaq got really fat during the offseason.

Oh man we need a Center BIG TIME!

Theyre not callin any fouls on Celtics wat a surprise

We just got outran down the court by Kevin Garnett. Triano better rip into them for that.

We are looking real amateur out their right now. Boston playin with us.

Every single one of our starters has already committed a turnover or missed horribly.

JO in early foul trouble, woo.

Man this Boston team is pretty good!

I'm pretty sure Bargs always struggles against the C's. It's 'cause of KG

Cetlics gotta lot of depth this year. I like the look of em

I hate Big Baby. JO was always a good shotblocker.

Nice to see Jermaine playing so fluidly out there.

Evans is the worst basketball player I have EVER seen in my life! BARNONE

I'm still amazed by Rondo whenever I watch him; he looked like such crap when he first came into the league

Nate is so tiny.

The Celtics have 2 white guys now? Good for them lol

Would be 3 if you consider Delonte white.

And the new one has a REALLY weird looking shot...

Omg Evans bumped into Shaq and bounced off

That's it. Don't leave Rondo open anymore.

The Celtics D is a bright spotlight highlighting our pretty lame sets

"No one draws more charges than Glen Davis." Well Tommy, that would be true if you didnt include th 56 players ahead of him.

it's first time watching game with Celtics commentator and I cant' stand it. I wish he gets fired from Celtics and gets hired with raptors.

I noticed that Shaq somehow always makes his FT's when he faces us.

Doesn't Marquis Daniels look just like what a Bosh/dinosaur Photoshop would look like? I like to call him Marquisaurus Daniels.

Here we go, Nate killing us. We're being burned by a 3ft midget.

Bargs shut down by Erden and Harangoody? Whatever the hell their names are? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Who the hell is that random white guy?

Semih Erden from Turkey

Kevin Garnett is back. Looks phenomenal out there. Klieza has absolutely no advantage offensively even when matched up against KG. I'm impressed.

Just realized that I'm not watching the past and Delonte resigned with Boston.

Shaq's' days are done. He should retire. JO and perk should be enough to hold it down in the playoffs. Shaq doesn't provide anything for them.

Dunno which game you've been watching, but Shaq looked very good to me.

This is going to be pathetic if we lose this now. Almost as bad as when we lost to the Celts when they didn't have KG and Pierce and I;m pretty sure no Rondo either.

THis is the raps starters vs the Celtics d league team

This is pathetic! Boston's scrubs against our starters ugh.

We're going to lose by 40 every time we face the Celts.

Pretty disapointing, if we lost with our scrubs vs. Their scrubs I'd be okay, but we had 3/4 of our top 6 players out there.

The tanking begins...

I'm quite pleased with how we played. Step off the ledge: we kept it close against a far superior opponent.

We can't even beat Boston in the pre-season.

Celtic starters played 15 minutes... Boston will be a good team... All starters future hall of famers... Ridiculous

Bargnani sucked. On the bright side, were not the timberwolves or knicks