Comments from the Other Side Nets 10/20

You have to feel sorry for Nets fans. I don't think I've ever felt that hopeless about a Celtics team. Even the one that lost 18 in a row I always thought that they had a lot of potential. It must be depressing talking about the lottery before the season even begins. The last comment about the Brooklyn fan having the Nets and Knicks to choose from being a masochist struck me as being very funny. Sad, but funny.

I hope favors did his homework n watched tape on how kg workd him last time.

I'm pretty sure it was big baby who raped D-Fav last time around. He pretty much lit up anyone defending him.

Boston’s crew are doing the game… getting ready for the homer comments..

We should really try to win this one...

Is rondo wearing a flak jacket?

We're actually playin solid D Only way we’ll beat the C’s without Lopez

I thought Shaq would've ate Petro by now. I guess he doesn't like French.

Pretty great game so far nets playing good all around shaq is sucking but lets hope they keep big baby intact

Crap glen davis this guy kills us

He goaltended an airball shot and it wasn’t called.. Horrible officiating

It was really goaltending but I’ll take what we can get

You would think that the refs would give Favors the benefit of the doubt being that he was the 3rd pick.. But they don't because he is on the Nets...

davis threw the elbow cmon ref

Nets look good without Lopez ... TRADE HIM!!!
Petro > Lopez. Guy was a winner in Denver. Now that he is free from a Melo offense he will blossom. Trade Lopez.

Davis keeps throwing his shoulder call the foul on him ref

12 point lead. It is amazing what Frank’s coaching will do for a team.

We were ok. Our jump shooters made their shots. Our role playing big men did ok as well considering they were going up against Shaq, Baby and KG.

Well I'm looking at the stats on Yahoo...and I'm scared. Shaq is 4-5 from the line. What's going on?

Nate can be a little pest at times. Dunking at his height still amazes me.

Comeback time for the Celtics.
Take that back.

Garnett is angry. I don't think he should've had the T called on him.

hump 12 min 7 rebounds and 10 points! Semih Erden helped him a little bit.

Incredible how one of the most storied NBA franchises has horrible TV announcers. According to NI, teams are marketing globally. I don’t see how this announcing can play to anyone outside is New England.

I don't think the Celtics care. That city embraces the northeast (north of Connecticut) like no other area in the country. They could care less if people in China or Germany are watching.

if the nets can keep boston down 8 till the famous frank 3rd quarter were good

Harris is completely expendable The more I see this team. I’ve never been a huge fan, or I should say I’ve always felt he was overrated, and we should have traded him when his value was at an all time high 2 seasons ago, or prior to last season.

Are you even watching the game? Or did someone hit you in the head with a blunt object

Rondo went buy Harris easily and made a buzzer beater floater

Getting beat by all-stars happens sometimes , it was a killer crossover

Nets get no respect from celtics announcers “its jersey cmon you can’t lose to jersey” God I hope they lose !!

Celtics up by 4 when is this quarter going to end?

Avery should just bench everyone, and send in the Nets Dancers

It's the YES curse Ever since YES started showing the game, they are getting crushed.

Relax just preseason BBall

Preseason is a preview of the season.. No one should underestimate it…

Yeah your right, tomorrow the nets will just magically transform into a legit NBA team.

I'm watching it on the Boston network……..We were up 10………Now we’re losing by 12…….in the matter of 7 minutes…. Haha
I knew we were gona lose…..

Celtics showing Nets what D is about

Are we seriously losing by 12?

Nope 13

Yup, it's the Frank 3rd Quarter Collapse oh wait….

It started wit ray Allen….pretty much doing wateva he wanted to do

Hahahaha favors getting abused by a Turk hahaaha

We’re nothing without brook

Are we something wit brook??

Yeah a 12 win team right??

Between the Boston and knick announcers I want to show my hands down my throat and throw up

Such homers, they'r talking as if Boston went on a 50-10 run .... Oh wait

So.... Who are the Top Three picks in the Lottery again ?????

Its funny favors does this vs scrubs but cant do it vs starters sad its like him playing vs park but nba cant do it

I wouldnt' call big baby a scrub Its KG and Amare..2 of the best in the league that was giving him issues..they know all the tricks to get a rookie kid to pick up quick fouls

Why is everyone down on Favors?

We're Nets fans We're pretty much down on all our players except Brook

I'm from BK. I'm really keepin an eye on the Nets cuz they comin to bk.. I always hated the system the knicks r in but now I hav a choice

Has anyone ever called you a masochistic?