Comments From the Other Side - Heat 10/26

Here we have the very first Comments from the Other Side for the year and it was a fun one since we won! My favorite part of these comments was how in the beginning they were talking about how Celtics fans would be complaining about the refs and then they proceeded to complain about the refs the entire game.  Hilarious.   There was a lot of talk about how old the Celtics were in the beginning.  Not so much at the end.   It was great to see the "old" Celtics trounce the so called super team at their own game.   I hope you enjoy today's comments from the other side...

I hope Spo gives Big Cat some burn tonight. He would be useful against Boston's bigs. He can also maybe start a brawl and suspend Garnett or something.

I would rather put jamal to explode kg's knees with a batt. Than to try to suspend kg, cause is still early in the season.

It's last chance for Boston to win us. 'cause they are diying bones. We're growing trees.

I'm a realist. I think the Celtics got this game 98-92. Too many injuries and not enough chemistry thus far for the Heat.
It'll take about 15-20 games for this team to click and become unbeatable. Bosh's beach, Wade's House, LeBron's Kingdom!!!

I'm a realist. Heat win by 25. Lebron drops 35 points

I can't wait to see some facials delivered by Wade, LBJ, Bosh, or whoever else on those old
F*** Celtics.

Boston will come out hard at home and ready to prove a point. This game will be superb skill verses skill and chemistry.

With wade and bron teaming up to destroy Boston is as personal and emotional as it gets so I think they will give it 200% shyt even bosh should be pissed to be called the rupaul of big men and even snubbed again by shaq this year

Magic fan here. Beat the crap out of them please.

This is personal, Wade and LeBron want revenge. Expect a lot of Wade and and LeBron in the open court against the geriatric celtics

I'm hearing the KG is looking like a star again.

I'll believe KG looks like a star when I see it.Cause I mean 9 and 4 in 17 minutes seems pretty average.

Are the Celtics fans gonna complain about the refs before the game happens, as usual?

Celtics fans are the biggest crybabys in the league. I bet they are already complaining about the refs and
The game hasn't even started yet.

I wonder what this means: "Dwadeofficial: The Artist formally known as "FLASH" no longer exists. This is a NEW CHAPTER in my life. A NEW ERA has begun.."

It sounds like an F U to Shaq!

KG CAN"T STOP BOSH no one can now ESP if he is a third option in Toronto BOSH had no one and if he didn't get injured he could have taken tht team to the playoffs which was pretty impressive .

They also traded their best Wade defender(Tony Allen) who Wade also torched in the playoffs but has a better chance at guarding him than Ray Allen or Delonte West

I'm concerned about turnovers at this point since we are still a new team. There were a lot of lazy passes against Atlanta which has a couple of quick players. Rondo will feast if we don't protect the ball. We'll probably get out rebounded too.

Miami 900 Boston 3 (Ray Allen catches fire an hits a single 3 to end the 3rd)

We've been waiting for this night since we tanked it three years ago

LOL at the game thread on the Boston board. Not at the Celtics fans but at the fans of other teams (particularly the Bulls fans) hoping they beat us in a blow out. It's so pathetic what they are stooping to. Groveling for one enemy team to beat another.

At the very least, we will certainly be favored in every home game and 85% of the road games this year.

Get used to that. The other teams' fans know that they don't stand a chance against us, so they're gonna pray that the best teams (Celtics, Lakers, Magic) can beat us. Kind of funny, really. Most people usually don't like the Celtics.

I hope I see Big Kat playing tonight and banging hard making Big Baby Cry

I think we will pull it out, but it;s going to be really close. I have these flashes of Rondo just owning arroyo and Chalmers, and KG playing some intimidating D on Bosh. But I also see Wade and LBJ just going off

Celtics are a ****ing dirty team. Garnett,Piere (aka academy award winner),Rondo and Perkins. I just hate the attitdue of all their roster.

Thats one of those things that you hate it when your oponents have it, but love it when your team has it. Its good ole fashioned grit and toughness, IMO. I hate them for it...but at the same time I would love for all of our guys to have the same thing... Ya know?

I would love for someone to put rondo on his ***.

I don;t even wanna think what Rondo is going to do to arroyo...hopefully arroyo can hold his own

There is no question Boston should win this game. The HEAT are essentially still an all-star team (ie... They havent logged any minutes together on the court). HEAT have a lot of talent, but this early in the year I dont think we are ready to beat the Celtics. Hard to doubt Wade and Lebron though. It should be close either way.

Cleveland radio host hires witch doctor to curse lebron,lol.These people need to move on already,its getting ridiculous.The funniest part is that most Cleveland fans say they never liked lebron!

Man garnett playing tenacious D

Rondo is hellofa point guard

Somebody come tell me that Joel Anthony is an elite defender again! LMAO so garbage...
Arroyo is way worse... Useless and terrible on both ends and in the middle of the court and everywhere else he goes...

Rondo the flopper

Wade's game hasn't arrived yet

Ray Allen playing defense now When the **** did ray Allen turn into Tony Allen ?

Umm, how the hell was that not a foul on Allen there?

Boston is playing really physical but no fouls on them..

Joel making Shaq look like 05 form

Heat need to run against this slow team..

Finally they call a f'in foul on Boston

Spoelstra is a JOKE!!! Please come back RILEY!!

I cannot wait for Pat Riley's return. Cannot wait.

It feels so good to watch JO brick jumpshots for someone else for a change.

C'mon @ the no calls

Damn I guess lebron lost respect from the refs or something, people would breathe on him and he would get calls in Cleveland.

I see no playmaking on offense. Even with the three on the floor they just hold the ball and go one on one.

That foul was obvious ,, the blind eye by the ref was even more obvious.

Wade can't buy a call

These refs are doing a horrible job. HORRIBLE.

Not to complain about the refs.... But.... Wow this is obvious bias

Does a Boston player have to punch us for us to get a call?

Celtics look very good early. Heat look flat missing wide open shots. Cant do that against teams like Boston.

Man... I really wanna cry.

Celtics are old they will run out of juice

If theres one thing the Celtics excel in, its depth. Hard to say the same for the heat, unless depth means < 4.

Everything is going perfectly for the heat. They need to lose this game by 20+ so they will be ready. And bring in Riley

Anyways this 3 star treatment is not the way I want it to go. Lots of mes, not much team. I hope they can play together and get better as the season goes on.

I wonder how much of our offensive woes are self inflicted and how much of it is Bostons defense

Wade and Lebron is not a good duo together , they both need the ball to succeed...too bad they couldn't realize this during the summer

Pierce is flopping all over the place

I hate Paul Pierce more than any other player in the NBA. He is such a flopper and cry baby.

I mean they are calling all these flops for Boston but aren't calling anything when Miami goes up hard at the basket.

For the Celtics... I dislike a lot of them... But I dont disrepect them...
Except pierce... I have NO respect for pierce... He falls on the ground and flails his arm if you breathe on him to hard. Luckily the officials didnt fall for it every time...but they feel for his crap enough that it was super annoying

I dislike a lot of Celtics players.
Pierce: he's a great actor. Never liked him.
Garnett: he's a punk, but I respect his body of work and intensity. Loved him as a T-Wolf.
Big Baby: lol
Ray Allen: I hate him out of respect for the big shots this guy hits.
Shaq: self-explanatory
JO: holy crap, self-explanatory.
Marquis Daniels: had a medallion made in the shape of his head (out of diamonds). Can't wait till he goes bankrupt one day lol.
I love Rondo though.

We could build a new arena with all those bricks.

So who can we get for Bosh?

We should of signed shaq I dont see why we didnt he was begging now he is wrecking us

I hate to blame officiating on things, but they aren't calling anything for us right now. That takes away easy points from us, and gives them to Boston, because on a lot of these drives they are knocking our guys down, taking them out of the play on the defensive end and turning it into a fastbreak the other way.

what's scary is Boston isnt hitting on all cylinders and their winning by 15 point. If they hit half their wide open shots, they would winning by 35.

I'm confident it will be a completely different team in the 2nd half, this game will come down to the last possession

The C's look good on both sides of the floor.

Bosh is hesitating big time...he looks lost

The ball just dies when bosh gets it on the block. Someone needs to move off the ball instead of just standing around and watching him go 1 on 1 with an excellent defender

I don't know if this team has the toughness, intesity and firepower to drive them to a championship. I think we may be too soft.

Get Arroyo out and put House in. Both are going to get abused by Rondo so you might as well put somebody in that can shoot.

Lebron has always played better with Big Z's corpse out there

Pierce should get his "ACT" together Go for the Wheelchair thing to get a charge call

Can we please contest Ray Allen's shots? He must feel like he's shooting pre-game jumper's

OK the announcers saying that the Pierce foul on LeBron was not a foul is a joke! His feet were not planted, which is a foul!

Your feet don't have to be planted, if a player lowers his elbow into your chest. It was a bad call.

Foul out their entire frontcourt Lebron!

Now introducing the Miami Cavaliers........ This is basically Lebron and the Cavs just playing in the Heats uniform.

Rondo took like 20 steps. Unreal.

It's a Miracle! Pierce is back everyone

His flopping is on Ginobli proportions nowadays

Jeez how many moving screens have Z/Joel/Haslem set tonight? Few of them were complete flops by Rondo/Pierce but still.

Davis has been the ultimate X-Factor.

Wade getting Whacked around no call ... LOL refs, too many big bodies of Celtics obstructing your view?

When are they going to learn you can't leave KG wide open from 18 feet?

WTH PIERCE?! Why couldn't you just stay injured?

This is some downright terrible officiating

Glen is the one player I can't stand

I wish he tear his ACL I seriously hate that baby blech

If Chris Bosh was trying to throw this game, this is the way he would play

14 of the 17 turnovers committed by Wade and LeBron

I know its called Home Court Advantage but the refs shouldnt make it biased...

If this becomes a thread in all of our games regarding the refs, forget about playoffs lol. Even the refs hate us

Bosh looked scared.

If not for the refs, we'd be leading.

Get magloire in there to throw a few elbows at rayray or PP

No idea who is guarding Ray Allen...I bet our team doesn't even know. I must have said it 10 times in this thread "HOW MANY OPEN LOOKS IS RAY GOING TO GET"

Dang it LeBron! How can you leave Allen wide open? That's on YOU!

What a dagger by Allen

Concerned with what I saw from where near as aggressive as I want to see him

This ISO-crap isn't going to work against any of the elite, or even good teams. Too much standing around.

It makes me wonder what the hell the Heat have been doing in practice. Have they just been working out?

Way too much hype, this shouldn't hurt as much. Celtics are VERY good. Props to them on being a damn good team.

If it wasn't for the Refs we would have won. They took at least 8 points away from us.

We won't win consistently till Riles takes over for Spo. Mrs Spo is pregnant and I can hear the announcement now that he needs to spend more time with the mrs and will be stepping down. Spo doesn't know that there is more to using the big 3 than running isos for each of them.

Bosh is Hot Trash. James did his thing .Wont be long before it becomes his team but Bosh is not a star..way overhyped

Bottom line if your going to win the east, bosh has to out play garnett! Its not going to happen. Ive seen it once to many times and other raptor fans can tell you the same. You guys need a d centre to take the load off bosh or your in big trouble.

Bosh was probably the biggest disappointment tonight. He has never played well against Garnett.

For all that is being said about how bad Miami played tonight... I want to point out something else that no one is. Boston is really really good. I think to many of you have dismissed how good Boston is. We will have to fight them very hard if we want to get to the Fin