Comments From the Other Side - Cavs 10/27

I can always gauge the officiating by the comments in the threads. If there is complaining on both sides then the refs are probably calling it both ways but bad. If there is complaining on one side and the other is amazed at the calls they are getting, then the refs are more than likely biased toward one of the teams. Last night Cavs fans were amazed by the calls they were getting. Enough said. But I'm not even upset about this loss. The Cavs and their fans needed this win much more than the Celtics did. It is a win they are going to savor for a very long time. The comments aren't usually as much fun when we lose, but seeing how much this win meant to the Cavs did make these fun to gather especially since they were still grateful to the Celtics for beating LeBron in the opener.

If we can contain Rondo and just run the hell out of the Celtics we will have a chance to win. Their frontcourt is old and will not be able to keep up. If we make it a halfcourt game we will lose horribly.

Key to this game is our front-court. They were a huge mis-match for Boston last season and were under-utilized and injured in the playoffs.

Very excited for the game...but now that I've actually thought about it, we are going to get destroyed. We have no depth at the C, while Boston can throw out Shaq, Baby, and J. O'Neal.

I dont think anybody understands that we could upset the Celtics.........they're a old veteran team and I think they're gonna get tired if we run run run on them everytime down the floor.

The Cavs have been the nemisis of the Celtics for a few years now..I don't like how this game might play out..

Boston starting the season on a back to back despite an average age of 42.5? Byron Scott's new run n gun offense? Oh baby.Cavs- 142 Celtics- 6

If anyone is behind the C's bench tomorrow definitely give them all a big thank you from us Cavs fans.

As much as I was cheering for Boston last night it would be wonderful to start the season with a win, also very possible. This guys might be good, but they are very old and back to backs are going to be rough for them.

I still dont like most of the guys on their team, but it felt good to cheer for them for one night. So... Yea, thanks Boston for beating LePippin, but now you must die!

We're playing an older team who is on the second half of a back to back and just had to travel on zero nights of rest. Time to make this up tempo happen.

Wow, we actually have a coach who takes timeouts when necessary.

If we get 6 more points in 10 minutes we outplayed the cHeat!!

The Celtics were playing with some nice intensity last night. They are really flat & appear kinda disinterested so far tonight

Big Baby was really good last night and I was cheering him like crazy.
I think I'll keep quiet for him tonight!

DId you guys just see the sign someone held up that said "thanks for last nite" and it had four leaf clovers around it!!!!
Very clever...

Rondo playing against the Cavs gives me headaches.

The less Andy touches the ball the better.

He had a very respectable midrange jumper last season.

If by “very respectable” you mean “I cringed whenever he put it up” I’ll agree.

Rondo has got game, you have to give him credit

The refs are being sorta liberal with the offensive foul calls. But it’s gone both ways so it’s hard to be too mad about it.

Come on Cavs! You can beat these guys! You’re more athletic! You’re faster!

Where was this version of Shaq last year?

Our crowd sucks.

Does Rondo save all of his jumpshots for Cleveland? I swear...

Only against Cleveland can Rajon Rondo and Glen Davis imitate Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki

I wonder who Lebron would rather be playing with right now: Hickson or Bosh.

Please someone tell Sessions he can pass the ball...

Now wtf is this Wrong team is running...

I don't get it: why are we taking timeouts when we're NOT down by 20? This is foreign.

Amazing! We have a REAL coach!!!

I hate how good the Celtics adjust during the half. They might be the best. They always come out really strong at the beginning of the 3rd. Whoever watches the tape in that time is amazing.

I do miss some of the referee treatment that came along with LeBron James being on our team. It's a bit sad that we're never going to see a call again without him.

With shaq the Celtics frontcourt has almost 50 seasons between them, pierce 13, kg 16, shaq 19

Id much rather see Powe than Jamison

Finally seeing these tech rules in action. Even though they're to our advantage this time....I don't like 'em.

Love the fact that the Cavs are running the C's out of the building.

J O'neal looks just horrible

Has big fat baby missed a shot?

New T rule is helping us tonight!!!
BronBoy is gonna lead the league in those..

I loved the way the ref told shaq to scoot with a limp hand wave

Nate has always been a head case

It would be fantastic, it would end a perfect week…LeBron’s Yankees knocked out, LeBron’s Cowboys lose, LeBron loses opening night, and then a Cavs win? Perfection

I absolutely love seeing something other than a blank stare from our coach when the offense screws up

Is this a rooster illusion or are we getting every call?

Celts are an old team on the second night of a back to back. I still don't think this team will win more then 35 games.

Man the refs must really hate Lecheat because they are giving the Cavs every break in this game.

Lebron, that you?

If the game is close down the stretch, who takes the last shot for the Cavs?

Atleast now we don't have to wory about someone running the clock down to 1 sec and jacking up a three

I think the Celts announcers (and Doc Rivers) may strangle the 24 second clock operator after that last fiasco. Can't say I blame them. But, good for the Cavs!!

The Cavs are getting every break in this game. The refs are giving them the calls and even the clock is on our side. Damn! Should have dumped Lebron years ago.

This was a very humbling win for Clevleand.

Thats why I love Fat Baby. Tonight I hate em, but against any other team...

If Big Baby hurts our starting center again, I'm going to take away his twinkies.


Now, we only need to trade Mo, Antawn and Parker and we are set to be contenders again. Hah!

Sorry but a professional basketball team is not going to be that tired on a 2nd part of a back to back during the first two games of the season. Cavs won this fair and square.

Oh man this felt good. My friend asked why I was so giddy during every time out. Then I explained it was because I could actually see someone coaching on the sideline.

I hope that the Celtics aren't so old that they can't play back to back the first week of the season. I think it's more likely that they just kinda took the Cavs for granted and weren't as up for the game.

Cavs look young, fresh and motivated (and well coached) Celts look really old, really slow, and not that interested. I know the Celts beat the heat last night - but then they lay an egg the very next night.

Best Cavs win since the Ricky Davis era

The only thing this game was missing was an "UNDERRATED" chant

There are people coast to coast happy that we just won. Maybe being the lovable underdog isn’t bad after all.

We saw a team that played like a team and left everything out on the court. Talent wise they aren't as talented as Boston and yet we took our saber and pushed it through the heart of the damn leprecaun.

I see this is one of the top stories on ESPN:
"Wade lifts Big 3, Heat to first win of season"
Still waiting for that "Cavs beat team that Miami could not" headline.
I think I might be waiting for a while.