Celtics get bored against Philly, lose game

I present you with the one image on the internet so far from this game.
Sure is a good'n.  Look at this guy haha, living the dream, clearly. "Oh how I hate the number 36, it makes me nauseous just looking at it."

"Look Philly, we beat you so bad last time, we'll rest our starters."  Well it nearly didn't matter.  The Celtics were the dominant team for the majority of this one.  Then late in the game they put in number 0 Avery Bradley and it all went to crap.  He's a rookie and it's preseason so it's OK.  So don't look at it so much as "The first preseason loss," rather the "continuing escapades of those wacky end-of-the-bench guys."  I'll tell you what though, West looked sharp, had a nasty block early in the game and played precise defense.  Harang had some good moves tonight,  JO'Niel managed to offend a ref with his falling on his ass skills, always a plus... and Lawrence Frank is still little, though he doesn't look nearly enough like the Penguin from Batman for my tastes.  We miss you Thibs, but welcome aboard, balding Neil Patrick Harris.

    -Three Toe