You make the cut

I find that it's always easy to say who should not get cut or who deserves to stay when picking a team. We've seen this on this site with proponents of Erden and Gaffney pleading their cases. It's one of the hardest things for coaches at any level to do- tell someone who wants to be a part of the team that there's no room. With the way the Celtics roster stands, guarantees for this year include last year's starting 5, the O'Neal brothers, Baby, Nate, Marquis, and Bradley. Unless a trade goes down those 11 are on the opening night roster. That leaves 4 spots for 5 realistic picks.

One must understand that things can change drastically in camp, but going into camp if you were Danny Ainge which 4 would you keep if you had to choose today? By default that means the one you leave out should be your vote. Don't be shy. I know it's a cruel thing to do, but make your cut (and add your reasoning in the comments if you like). No chickening out nice people.