Tony Gaffney's Ready to Compete

With the Celtics signing of Delonte West, Tony Gaffney's chances of making the team he's dreamed about playing for since his childhood took a big hit. He's not ready to give up though. In fact he's working even harder. Personally I think his best shot at grabbing one of the 15 spots is if he outplays Harangody or Erden in camp. There's also the possibility that if Von Wafer doesn't impress during Delonte's absence, that he'll be swapped for Gaffney when West returns. Another scenario would be if the C's decide that Wafer, Nate and Avery give them plenty of backup firepower in the backcourt and decide to pass on Delonte West altogether. I would say a 2 for 1 trade could also free up a spot, but almost all of the guys we could trade actually can't be traded until December 15 due to rules on trading Free Agents signed. So is Gaffney likely to make the team? Not at all. Is it impossible? Definitely not.

After the jump Oliver Lafayette checks in on his chances to make the team despite the Celtics very crowded backcourt.