A team that laughs together...

We showed you this pic a day ago in the gallery, but Nate Robinson keeps bringing the humor to the Celtics. For a guy that was maligned as a "problem" he's been nothing, but a team guy on the C's. Whenever you're bored, reading @nate_robinson on twitter is sure to keep you occupied. Yesterday were the pics. Today are the one liners:

After Shaq tweeted, "First day is over, the truth and ray allen didn't miss a shot, daaayum I wish I was a shooterLol," Nate responded with:
@THE_REAL_SHAQ ur sneak's look like2 submarines after battle with the dudes from the 300 movie lol #WORDAAPP
Then after Avery Bradley tweeted, "Just finished doing my rookie duties," Nate replied with:
U ain't done bring me some oreo's now with milk oreo's better be double stuffed #pause RT @Aabradley11:Just finished doing my rookie duties
But showing the nice guy that Nate is, after Avery asked if he was serious, Nate responded:
Naw I told u I dnt be makE n RT rooks do s-word bro it's cool @Aabradley11: @nate_robinson lol u need my to go get some 4real bro
Some people, possibly many lol, will look at this as non-news, but I love this stuff. I love seeing how teammates correspond off the court. I think its hilarious that poor Bradley has to do all the rookie chores and questioned if Nate was being serious. I also think the Superman/Kryto-Nate combo will be comedic genius. The humor brings levity to the lockerroom and if we're going to beat the Super Friends in Miami it will because our chemistry is significantly better than theirs. This is a good start.

p.s. One of the funniest Celtics who's humor flies under the radar is Rajon Rondo. He has a dry straight faced humor that many don't get. When asked yesterday about a cut on his hand he said he got it moving boxes and without cracking a smile added "I got evicted." I believe only one reporter laughed. Big Baby tries so hard with the physical humor, but Rondo's dry, sarcastic wit cracks me up.