SQ#51--A Role for Semih?

Summer Quandaries #51
September 21--6 days to camp

A Role for Semih?

Seems like every day I read comments calling for Semih Erden to be waived. There seldom is a driving logic to this proposed move—add a small forward (usually without a rational suggestion as to whom), get Rudy (as if there is a deficit at guard), add one (or more) of the new wave of workouts, or the always insightful “trade for somebody good.” To these pundits that see the path to Celtic improvement as addition by subtraction (of Semih to be specific), I would pose this question: All the other C/PF’s over 6’8” are looking 30 in the rearview mirror. If Doc is to rest an aging big man with an occasional half or full game off, who will patrol the paint in their absence?”

Do you see Big Baby and Harangody as the PF tandem? Perkins will be out for much/most/all of the season. Until/unless he returns, resting, or even worse an injury to, one of the seven footer’s will leave the Celtics suddenly short, in every sense of the word. I’m not saying that Erden should play a pivotal (yuk) role in the offense but he is a large, active, and reasonably mobile center who offers some presence, and deterrence, in the lane. Think of the relief role that Pollard was supposed to offer (but couldn’t from the trainer’s room). Think Rick Robey, Greg Kite, Joe Kleine, Eric Montross, Vitaly Potapenko—admittedly not an imposing list but several of those were the third string center on championship teams.

I don’t expect to see him on the active list every night but if Garnett or one of the O’Neal’s is taking the evening off, Semih will be suited up.