The Rumor That Just Won't Go Away: Delonte West

In spite of all the reasons for not considering Delonte West for the 15th spot on the team,  the rumors about him just keep coming.  This may be a case of a lot of smoke and no fire or there could be something to it.  Here are some of the rumors that have been swirling in Boston about the former (and possibly future) Celtic. 

First, on August 26th,  a listener texted the Toucher & Rich show to say Delonte West was spotted at Logan Airport and he's in town for a workout.  A lot of players come in for workouts when teams are filling out their rosters,  so that in itself wasn't remarkable.  But then, yesterday, Red's Army posted this unsubstantiated rumor.
 I'm going to pass this along with one huge caveat:  This is an unconfirmed email we just got.  It says Delonte is at New England Baptist Hospital right now getting a pre-signing physical.
Ok, so the rumors are still swirling.  First Delonte is at the airport.  Then, Delonte is at the hospital getting a physical.  But still, these are unconfirmed rumors.  We still haven't seen anything in the papers about Delonte in town. Until today, that is.  This is from today's Herald:
We hear that former Celtic Delonte West, who was recently waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves, was apartment hunting in Waltham. We have no idea why Delonte would be nosing around Celtics] country, what with Rajon Rondo and Nate Robinson already in da house. But do stay tuned . . .
So, let's review.  First Delonte was spotted at the airport (unconfirmed rumor). Next, Delonte was spotted at the hospital getting his physical (unconfirmed rumor).  And now, he is shopping for an apartment in Waltham (confirmed rumor).  Seems like too much smoke for there not to be some fire.  As the Herald said... Stay tuned.