NBA 2K11 Player Rankings

For everyone excited to get the new NBA 2K11 Video Game (yep, I'm getting it for my outdated PS2) the individual player rankings for the game were released today. This is something that always piques the curiosity of many, including the players, who have gone out in the past to mention their ranking.

Looking at the list, the biggest things in my opinion are Dirk is too low (83), Durant is too low (91) and Wall is too high (81).  Carmelo is a 93; if anything I think him and Durant should swap those numbers.  I also think Ray Allen at 79 is a bit low and even Pierce at 83 could possibly be a bit higher, especially when you consider Stephen Jackson is an 84.  Them making Bean the same as LeBron and Wade is also not realistic as he's certainly not on par with either of those guys at this point of his career.

Personally I'm psyched for some of the All-Time Teams they will have (86 Celtics are in this game, no word on whether Greg Kite gave permission to use his image & likeness).

I'm also interested to see what rankings the subs have, specifically Jermaine, Shaq and Delonte West.

So what's your take looking at the list?