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Adrian Wojnarowski has been working the twitter wire overtime.   Earlier he posted the news that Adam Morrison was working out for the Celtics on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then he added that Rashad McCants was also working out.  He also broke the news that the Celtics are replacing Clifford Ray with Roy Rodgers as the big men's coach.

Wojo's newest tweet indicates that McCants and Morrison aren't the only ones working out for the Celtics this week.   They have been joined by Cuttino Mobley, and Trenton Hassell.   Hassell is a 6'5" forward who was a good friend of KG's when he played in Minnesota.  Mobley is a 6'4" guard who retired from the Knicks with a heart condition, but has been given the ok from the medical staff to return to basketball.     The Celtics are looking for bodies to bring into training camp to add to the competition for spots on the wings.   The Celtics real need is behind Pierce at the 3 and I don't see any of these players filling that need any better than Gaffney or Wafer, who are already coming to camp.   Some quotes from Danny after the jump.  The Globe gives us a  few quotes from Danny.

“Just taking a look before training camp,” Ainge said. “Those guys are all good NBA players. I thought all four guys looked very good actually. It was a very good workout.”

“We’re looking to bring the best 15 guys in, and probably some more,” Ainge said. “We’ll probably have some younger guys to evaluate in the camp process. We’re trying to give the veterans and idea where they’re at. We’re to look at everybody that might be available.”

“McCants looked really good,” Ainge said. “He shot the ball well, he competed at a high level. I’m really surprised that he’s not in the NBA right now. Same with Adam Morrision, making shots, making passes. The guys looked hungry they looked fit. And that’s with Hassel and Mobley too. Mobley for being out of basketball the last couple years the guy really knows how to play.”