Gold Medal Game: USA 81, Turkey 64 Highlights

I lost most of my interest in this team after Rondo and Team USA parted ways, but I've been following the box scores and decided to watch the Gold Medal Game today. Basically Kevin Durant put the team (and his country) on his skinny shoulders and brought the United States its first world championship since 1994. He's definitely my favorite non-Celtic in the league. And to think we were pretty close to seeing him play in Boston?

I remember my dream scenario prior to the 2007 lottery was that we get the #1 pick and then trade down to #2 for Durant and something for our troubles (I know greedy). Definitely would have settled for the #2 pick as it seemed all the other lottery teams wanted Oden. I'm not the biggest conspiracy guy, but I still find it very interesting that the 3 worst teams (Memphis, Boston, and Milwaukee), which also happened to be the biggest tankers that year all fell out of the top 3, which statistically had a very remote chance of happening. I'm not saying David Stern punished these three teams, but I'm not saying he didn't. Anyway, big congrats to Durant and crew for representing the U.S. proudly, while other superstars were busy making their free agent "decisions." Also check out FL's final Erden Watch. Our next game highlights posting will be on October 6th after the Celtics preseason debut versus the Sixers. Only about 3 and a half weeks away.