Celtics Trivia #7

With the roster set and time to kill between training camp, why not try some Celtics Trivia?

Here are the answers to CT 6:

Part 1: Name the college or high school this ex-Celtics player played last before the NBA (4 points each).

Dee Brown Jacksonville
Acie Earl Iowa
Popeye Jones Murray State
Chris Ford Villanova
Gerald Henderson Virginia Commonwealth

Part 2: Name that player (5 points each)

1. I currently play with the pro club Unicaja Málaga of the Spanish ACB League, was the 01-02 MVP of the Slovenian League, and was part of a nine person trade that included Antawn Jamison, Avery Johnson, and Nick Van Exel.
Jiri Welsch

2. I was a Euroleague Final Four MVP in 1989, earned All-NBA Rookie second team honors, and am currently the president of KK Split, a Croatian basketball club.
Dino Radja

3. I was born in Corydon, Kentucky, once coached in the ABA, and was Red Auerbach's first choice as a replacement coach after the 1965-66 season.
Frank Ramsey

FLCeltsFan 22
TB 31
Bohemian 10

Standings (entries):
FLCeltsFan 185 (6)
TB 172 (5)
JCCR 100 (3)
SC 22 (1)
JR 18 (1)
Bballee 13 (1)
Bohemian 10 (1)
Here are the questions for CT 7:
Part 1: Name the college or high school this ex-Celtics player played last before the NBA (4 points each). Kenny Anderson
Vin Baker
Brandon Hunter
Dennis Johnson
Scott Pollard 
Walter McCarty
Part 2: Name that player based on the three clues (5 points each).

1. I was drafted by the SuperSonics, was the NBA's Most Improved Player in 1995, and am currently a basketball insider for NESN.

2. I was born in Zachary, Louisiana, played at Okaloosa-Walton Community College, and was a First Team Junior-College All-American my sophomore year.

3. I went to Abraham Lincoln HS, wore number 31 with the Blazers (which served as a reminder of where I came from, growing up on 31st Street in Coney Island, New York), and am in my second stint with my current team.

I do not have any prizes, but I know a true sports fan has great pride in knowing the most about their team. For this reason, I ask that all participants answer with their personal knowledge, and not research each question.

I will keep a running tally and plan on stopping at the start of the regular season pending the amount of interest this generates. I kindly ask that you do not post them in comments as that would ruin the fun for everyone. PLEASE E-MAIL ALL ANSWERS TO ME AT SEBREDSOX24@HOTMAIL.COM.

I am posting this on both Celtics Life and Beantown Banter (my personal blog). Best of luck to everyone and remember to e-mail me!