Celtics Trivia #6

I apologize for the delay, but here is the latest edition of Celtics Trivia. From this point on the response period will not be as exact. I'll try to post up new questions every 4-5 days, giving both me and the participants more flexibility.

So, here are the answers to CT 5.

Part 1: Name the college or high school this ex-Celtics player played last before the NBA (4 points each).

Al Jefferson Prentiss HS
Joe Johnson Arkansas
Joesph Forte North Carolina
Tommy Heinsohn Holy Cross
Kevin McHale Minnesota
Part 2: Name that player (5 points each)

I won the Defensive POY award for the Sun Belt Conference in my senior year, played in New Zealand in 2007, and played in the NBA D-League last year.
Orien Greene

I have been traded eight times and worn seven different jersey numbers, was an All-American my senior year in college, and have played in both German and Italian leagues for parts of the past few years.
Dan Dickau

I was drafted by the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, made the 1975-76 All-Star team, and coached the Kansas City Knights in the ABA. 
Scott Wedman
FLCeltsFan 26
TB 30

Standings (entries):
FLCeltsFan 163 (5)
TB 141 (4)
JCCR 100 (3)
SC 22 (1)
JR 18 (1)
Bballee 13 (1)

Here are the questions for CT 6:

Part 1: Name the college or high school this ex-Celtics player played last before the NBA (4 points each).

Dee Brown
Acie Earl
Popeye Jones
Chris Ford
Gerald Henderson

Part 2: Name that player (5 points each)

1. I currently play with the pro club Unicaja M├ílaga of the Spanish ACB League, was the 01-02 MVP of the Slovenian League, and was part of a nine person trade that included Antawn Jamison, Avery Johnson, and Nick Van Exel.

2. I was a Euroleague Final Four MVP in 1989, earned All-NBA Rookie second team honors, and am currently the president of KK Split, a Croatian basketball club.

3. I was born in Corydon, Kentucky, once coached in the ABA, and was Red Auerbach's first choice as a replacement coach after the 1965-66 season.

I do not have any prizes, but I know a true sports fan has great pride in knowing the most about their team. For this reason, I ask that all participants answer with their personal knowledge, and not research each question.

I will keep a running tally and plan on stopping at the start of the regular season pending the amount of interest this generates. I kindly ask that you do not post them in comments as that would ruin the fun for everyone. PLEASE E-MAIL ALL ANSWERS TO ME AT SEBREDSOX24@HOTMAIL.COM.

I am posting this on both Celtics Life and Beantown Banter (my personal blog). Best of luck to everyone and remember to e-mail me!