1 of the many reasons Wafer wants to make the C's

Von Wafer posted this picture on twitter last night, adding "I sure do miss the NBA cause of meals like this." Can't argue with this logic one bit. Steak any night I like would definitely make me bust my ass in practice and never butt heads with my coach. I'm hoping Wafer sticks personally, because I believe we need an NBA ready guy to step in on the wing if Quisy or Delonte is sidelined. We're going for the ship this year, so we need guys we know can step in. Looks like the final roster spot might be coming down to Wafer or Tony Gaffney. Wafer is the younger of the two and has played solid NBA ball in the playoffs already. He's the better shooter, but Gaffney is longer and could develop into a solid NBA defender on the wing. Obviously the emphasis on "could" as we've been here before in camp with "long 3's" like Brandon Wallace and Darius Miles.

Gaffney would also seem more likely not to pout if he was the 15th man and got no run. You know the whole "I'm just happy to be here," thing. After being out of the league for a year I think Wafer would be fine as well, but it is still an unknown. I just think his talent is too much to pass up for on Gaffney when we already have a project small forward in Harrangody who also is 3 and a half years younger than Gaffney and outplayed him in the Summer. Needless to say the guy who eventually gets cut, will have fond memories of great meals in New England this Fall. They'll always have that. Poor Oliver Lafayette.