Shaq claiming 'Sheed might come back

Boston Celtic fans might have to put those retirement party balloons for Rasheed Wallace on hold.

The newest Celtic, Shaquille O'Neal, said Wallace may in fact return to the C's this season.

Wallace told the Celtics during the NBA Finals in June that despite having two years and nearly $13 million left on his contract, he was planning to retire.

The Celtics have spent the summer looking for potential trades involving Wallace, which would allow them to bolster their roster in his absence and allow Wallace to walk away with whatever buyout amount he could work out with the team that acquired him via trade.

However, the C's never came across a deal that they liked.

But those plans to move Sheed may be scrapped altogether.

"I know Rasheed is thinking about coming back," said O'Neal, who was in attendance at a charity basketball game in Orlando, Fla. "Rasheed, go on and come back for one or two more years."
Personally I believe this is just Shaq being Shaq and making up a story, but if Rasheed were to come back, managing minutes would definitely cause many headaches for Coach Rivers. My guess is the Celtics never would have signed Shaq if they thought Rasheed would return.