Rondo on the Bubble?

Early on, it appeared that Rondo had solidified his spot on Team USA.  He appeared to be the starting PG for the team.  Then, against Lithuania, Rondo struggled and in the game against Spain, he remained on the bench for the entire game.   After Sunday's game against Spain, Coach K explained Rondo's by saying that Rondo is a veteran and he just wanted to look at some of the younger guys.  That seemed to satisfy most Rondo fans.  But, now there is a report on ESPN that Rondo feels that he is on the bubble to make the team.
"I think I'm on the bubble," Rondo said Tuesday. "Just looking at the obvious -- I got a DNP last game. That pretty much speaks for itself."

"It's what's best for the country," said Rondo, who said his DNP-CD (did not play -- coach's decision) Sunday was his first since his rookie NBA season. "It's part of it. We knew coming in it was still tryouts until we make the team that goes to Turkey."
The team currently has 13 players and one of those players must be cut before moving on to Turkey.     Kevin Love and Danny Granger also sat out Sunday's game, but the cut will more than likely be one of the guards since the team has an abundance of them.   Before Sunday's game, it was thought that Stephon Curry, Eric Gordon, or Russell Westbrook would be the odd man out, but now it seems that Rondo is included in that group as well.    The cut will be made after Wednesday night's exhibition game against Greece.