Random Thoughts on Random Stuff

I watched game 4 of the Celtics/Cavs series on NBA-TV on Sunday and two things stood out to me.  One is that KG finally had his lateral movement back in that series.  I watched one play where he was covering LeBron on a switch and KG was moving very well and caused him to take a bad shot by just blanketing him with his defense.  This really excited  me because we didn't see that from KG for most of the season but it was back in the playoffs. KG may be a year older, but he still has it when healthy and he is finally back from that knee injury. 

  Another thing that I noticed was Good Tony.  I sure will miss seeing Good Tony on the Celtics.  Bad Tony, not so much.   In that game, Tony  was defending and cutting to the hoop and was a force down the stretch..   We can only hope that Quisy will be able to fill that role for the Celtics this next season.  He can defend and cuts to the hoop very well.  I think he will do well if Doc defines his role and uses him to back up Pierce and Ray instead of making him the back up PG. 

I have been reading the articles about Sheed changing his mind about retiring and am hoping that he goes with his original instinct.  I'm not so sure I want to watch an out of shape Sheed go through the motions throughout another season, no matter how much he tries during the playoffs.  I'd much rather have a long defensive 3 if we could get one with his contract.   I know that both O'Neals have said they want him back and maybe he would actually try this season, but I don't see it happening.  

There are a lot of rumors floating about the Celtics wanting Larry Hughes. I'm not so sure that Hughes fills the need that the Celtics have.  They need a wing with some size who can defend players like Kobe and LeBron.    Tonight I saw a rumor floating on Twitter about Sheed for Battier.  Now, that is one rumor I hope has some legs, although I tend to doubt it.  I'd love Shane Battier on this team.  He would be a great fit for the Celtics.

I think I would rather have Tony Gaffney than Larry Hughes.  Gaffney is long and defends well.  I liked what I saw from him in summer league.  He is 6'8" and has long arms so that he will cause problems for most 3's that he guards.  He may not have the experience, but if Doc plays him through the season, by playoff time he will have the experience.  I like him better than the free agents who are out there.

File this one under the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  The NBA Moms played in a basketball game for charity against the NFL moms.  Ray Allen's mom, Sheed's mom and Shaq's mom all participated among others.  Ray's mom was named the MVP of the game.  And Sheed's mom earned 2 technicals and was ejected. You can't make this stuff up!  Too funny!!

Speaking of funny, the NY Knicks never let us down for some comic relief.  It seems as their owner hired Isiah Thomas again as a consultant without telling his GM.  Now the GM is furious with him and the other owners are protesting the move since Thomas will be allowed to keep his job as a college coach while being a paid consultant for a pro team.  The Knicks are the gift that keeps on giving. 

CSNNE has announced that Shaq's press conference will be on Tuesday at 10:30 am ET.   Plan to catch it if you can because it should be a good one.