October 26th: Big Three versus Big Three

The Celtics laid the groundwork for the idea back in the summer of 07. Ainge was able to wheel and deal to bring KG, Ray Allen and a championship to Boston in '08. Now, LeBron, Bosh and Wade have joined forces to create their own super team. Who's conglomeration is better will be found out on October 26th at the TD Garden when the Miami Heat take on the Boston Celtics, reports the Globe's Gary Washburn.

The Celtics will be without injured starting Center, Kendrick Perkins, and are expected to start newly signed Jermaine O'Neal in his place. Boston players have not been shy of being skeptical of the newly formed trio in Miami. Rondo said, as far as he's concerned, Boston are still the champs of the Eastern Conference, later saying that Miami's "ain't done nothing yet". Perkins echoed the sentiment, saying that Miami looks good on paper but that must translate onto the court.

Like the '08 Celtics, critics have questioned whether the three big egos on the Heat can handle sharing the basketball. After recently signing ex-Celtic, Eddie House, Miami has someone who can tell the new roster in South Beach firsthand how Boston was able to reel in their egos and win a ring.

When House signed with Miami, LeBron James tweeted, "Congrats to Eddie House. Welcome to team 'John Dillinger'". Dillinger being a famous American bank robber, the subject of the recent movie, Public Enemies. Like the bad guy John Dillinger, the Miami Heat have been villianized in the eyes of America. Not only due to LeBron James flashing his ego with an hour long special to announce his "decision", but also because the Heat figure to be dominant in the NBA for many years to come - slashing the championship hopes of cities across the country.

Because of this, Boston is likely to have the support of the nation when they try to take down the Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Season.

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