Help us design a new banner

So as we approach our 2nd season here on Celtics Life, I wanted to try a new banner look. The above image is our original banner which was top notch, but we're looking for something different this year. Since I'm not a designer myself and since we have about 50,000 people come through the site a month, I figure a few of you might be able to put something very cool together. Basically what we have up there now is not a finished product and if you wanted to add to it that would work (maybe add some players of old like Russell, Hondo, Bird, and Reggie or add a cooler skyline). Or you could come up with your own idea completely. The only specifics you need to know is that the width must be 1000px and the height no greater than 100px (It could be a little higher I guess, but the 100px gives you an idea). I'd prefer the Celtics Life to be written using the above "Dominique" font, but it's not a huge deal if that can't be done.

I'm really curious what people could sketch or come up with. Email me at and I can give you more specifics or simply just send me what you come up with. And if you don't want to do it for us, do it at least for Rondo. Right now he's missing his right arm and that has to be painful.