Fiddlin' and Diddlin' - Daily Links 8/6

Herald   Breaking down the Celtics
David Ortiz makes room for Shaquille O’Neal
Husky lives dream
Shaq name means green
Globe   Shaq jerseys for sale
Scalabrine wants to remain in NBA
CelticsBlog  Yup, Even More Shaq Analysis
Is Danny Done For The Summer?

CelticsLife   SQ #5--The Long Haul
Looking into a Litttle Celtics History

ESPN   May: The Big Thud?
Video: Top 10 Shaq moments
Shaq as starter?
Shaq stats: 10.5 points, 6.5 rebounds?
For sale: Shaq jerseys
Nate on Shaq: 'Going to be bonkers'
Big announcements aside, Shaq's impact with the Celtics likely to be small

Catching up with the 2004 NBA All-Stars
Didn't Shaquille O'Neal talk about retiring on top?
Perkisabeast  The Rich Get Richer
Rondo’s NBA 2k11 Shoot
Hail to the Beast
Red's Army   Fun facts after the Shaq signing
Celtics living on a wing and a prayer
Would you take 10.5 ppg and 6.5 rpg from Shaq?
Your Morning Dump... Is there tension between Shaq and Perk?
USA Today    Bill Walton is working with Roy Hibbert
Slam Online   Will Brian Scalabrine Get an NBA Job for Next Season?
The Next Step
Hooped Up    Shaq vs Joey Chestnut
Pro Basketball Talk   Why Shaq didn't go to Atlanta: money and minutes
Don Nelson waits on a call from Golden State
Celtics loaded with All-Stars, but that is not a good sign
Celtics Hub    I Want to Party Like It’s 2001
The All-Time LA/Boston Team
Bleacher Report     Understanding Delonte West: Should he Come Back to the Boston Celtics? 
Why The Diesel Will Not Bring The Celtics an NBA Championship
The Los Angeles Lakers Are Why Shaquille O'Neal Chose the Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics Courting SHAQ-Tastrophe!
Shaquille O'Neal: Still Haunted By Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers
Shaquille O'Neal: Power Ranking the NBA's Biggest Contract Bargains
Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics: Breaking Down Eastern Conference Finals
CSNNE   A dream come true
Ryan: Why Shaq can work in Boston
C's ownership weighs in on Shaq
Shaughnessy on the addition of Shaq
Doc and Danny: Shaq fits
Shaq challenges Jim Rome to boxing match
A Celtics-Shaq Survival Guide
Green Street    VOTE: Is Shaq a good fit for C’s?
Shaq challenges critical TV host to boxing match
NESN     Shaquille O'Neal's First Order of Business As Celtic: Fight Jim Rome
Creating Celtics Nicknames for Shaq Isn't Easy, But 'Unleaded' Might Catch on
Rajon Rondo Up Against Billups, Rose, Westbrook for USA Starting Spot
Yahoo   Scalabrine headed overseas?
Celtics Town    Will Darko outplay Shaq next season?
A letter from a C’s fan in LA: Be tough on Shaq
Damn, that's a whole lot of minutes
Rudy Fernandez likely headed to Chicago
Highlight Reel: Team Flight Brothers
Banner 18    KG's 1st Anta signature shoe...
Gino's Jungle    What do the Celtics do when Perk returns?
So what if the Celtics are old?
Shaq and Sheed: The Tug and Pull of Being a Fan
How will the Celtics complete their roster?
Celtics 24/7    My Thoughts on the Big Shamrock
Positional Rankings: PG
Dropping the Second Shoe
NBA Primetime   Cleveland Cavaliers Royalty Transitions From Kings of The NBA to Jokers
Wicked Local    Shaquille O’Neal signing with Celtics gives Paul Pierce a boost
You've Been Blinded   Analyzing Shaquille O'Neal and His Impact on the Boston Celtics
Sir Charles in Charge    NBA Top 50 Rankings 20-11
Clearing the Bench    Danny Ainge
Masshole Sports     Shaq Wants Celtics Fans To Pick His Nickname
Digital Dividend   Miami Who? Shaquille O’Neal Makes The Boston Celtics Beasts of The East
Orlando Sentinel    President Obama finds Doc Rivers is the silent type
Shaq back in Orlando as mentor to Dwight Howard? Would Magic fans have accepted him?
Shaquille O'Neal could have gone out in a Magic uniform
Hoopsvibe    Shaq to Jim Rome: 'I challenge you to a boxing match'
Is Larry Hughes 'Willing' to support Boston Celtics?
Double Dribble   Shaq and Jermaine – O’Neal IS an Irish Name!
Kicks On Fire    Anta for Kevin Garnett
Basketbawful   Can Shaq deliver...fresh green beans?
Item Live   Is Shaq a good sign for C's? NAY: The team needs to be getting younger, not older
Beaumont Enterprise    Beaumont native Kendrick Perkins hosts basketball camp   LeBron the latest to join NBA's favorite villains list
CBS Sports    The lockout discount
AJC     Atlanta Hawks: No Shaq . . . now what?
Boston Insider   Ainge Goes Against Instincts to Build Celtics
Mass Live   Shaquille O'Neal a great addition for the Celtics
Ball is Life     Austin Rivers Ballislife Diary Entry #1 : Man On A Mission!
Hoopsworld   NBA At 2: The Surprise Contenders?
Collider    Mark Wahlberg Interview Talks Celtics and Future Projects
Vegas Sports   2011 NBA Odds to Win Championship: Heat and Lakers Favorites
Washington Post    Shaq signing with Celtics makes a winner out of David Stern
Mens Journal   The Jock’s Guide to Getting Arrested
Dimemag    NBA Rumor: Delonte West To Boston, Chicago Or Dallas