Danny Still Working on Filling Roster Spot

With 14 guaranteed contracts right now, the Celtics still have a need to fill and Danny Ainge is acknowledging that fact.  There is still a need for a back up small forward and shooter.  Paul Pierce is one who feels that there is still work to do on the roster as he recently joked that he was wondering who would guard  him in practice.  Although, I'm sure Marquis Daniels or Von Wafer are feeling a bit under appreciated after that comment.   From the Globe: 
“We’re just continuing to explore available players and trade possibilities and see what sort of options are there,’’ said the Celtics president. “There are some trade discussions that we’re having. I don’t know the likelihood of those happening, but we’ll continue to not rush into something unless it’s something that we’re really excited about.’’
One of the names that continues to pop up  is Rudy Fernandez.  Early reports were that Danny made an offer of the Celtics' 2011 first round draft pick, which wasn't enough to get the job done.  Fernandez is only making $1.25 million and Portland is reportedly looking for draft picks in return.  But possibly they are holding out for what would be a better pick than the Celtics pick promises to be. 

Fernandez has said that he would rather sit out the last two years on his contract than return to play with the Blazers so it would be in Portland's best interest to get something done rather than to just lose him for nothing.    Danny is working the wires looking for someone to fill the final roster spot.  Does he like Rudy enough to up his offer?  Who is he offering in trades?  Is there someone else not mentioned that he has his eye on? (Like Delonte West, for instance?  Red's Army says he is in town for a workout.)   All these are questions that Celtics fans are left to consider.  Stay tuned ... More is sure to come.