Why to Watch the Summer League

For those true die-hard fans like me out there, you don't need to be convinced to sit through the torture that is the NBA Summer League. Anyone who has watched it knows that they could probably see a better game at their local YMCA. Most of the players who compete in the league have no chance of making an NBA roster and will probably play in Europe or be out of a job come opening night.

However, this morning I sat down and created a list of reasons to watch the summer league. Mind you, I wrote it while watching Stage 2 of the Tour de France (Yes, I watch it religiously), so at the time, the prospect of watching a sport that had a little action and excitement seemed very appealing. After some serious thought and editing, I came up with four good reasons for a Celtics fan to watch the pre-season league. Here it is, in order of importance (least to greatest)

1. It's better than listening to the Summer of LeBron
Is he one of the best players in the league? Yes. Will his decision as to who he signs with effect the complexion of the entire free agent market? Yes. Do I really want to hear about what happened at each individual meeting with seven different teams? Not a chance. When he makes a decision, then I'll care. I'm so sick of hearing about all of it. I'm not taking away from the importance but there's just too much over hype for me. People have been talking about this for over a year. He doesn't even have a ring! It's so aggravating that I would much rather watch the turnover riddled Summer League and see some actual basketball.

2. Nothing better is on TV
With the World Cup coming to a close (three matches remaining), the Tour de France being shown on Versus early in the morning, and the Sox heading into the All-Star break, the Summer League has very little competition television-wise. Ironically, I have a family get-together today, so I actually have to Tivo their first game tonight. But, in general there are few conflicting sporting events. Nicely done David Stern.

3. To get a first look at Luke Harangody
He is the only player on the Summer League roster who has the potential to contribute in the regular season. Although there are a few other players I'm interested in watching (Lafayette, Gaffney, Wittman), I'm excited to see Harangody's low-post game and his general abilities to play basketball. I watched him play many times for Notre Dame and always marvelled at his hustle and energy. As an undersized power forward, it will be interesting to see if he can once again compensate, this time at the highest level of play.

4. It's a moral obligation as a Celtics junkie
I have a hard time ignoring anything Celtics. I read every credible and entertaining article I find, listen to news talk shows when I have time, and even check for twitter updates multiple times a day. I need the Celtics like Caron Butler needs chewing straws. I've accepted that I have green blood flowing though my veins, and I'm at peace with it. I also know that I'm hardly alone. Judging by the activity on CelticsLife and around the web, there are many addicts out there looking for their Boston fix. Even if the jerseys their wearing are grey, ugly, and probably haven't been washed since last summer, they still have the Celtics logo on them. As a true fan, I would feel guilty not watching them play.

Well that's it. I actually had a fifth up until I discovered Dante and Galante will NOT be returning for another season as broadcasters. However, they may have an internet broadcast or some sort of nightly show. I'll do my best to get to the bottom of that for those who love these guys as much as I do. If you look here, you can see a few minutes of their work: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/Audio-of-the-Day-Dante-and-Galante-summer-leag?urn=nba,92605