Roster Ruminations

Need Another Piece?

Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Garnett, O’Neal
Robinson, Bradley, Daniels, Davis, Erden
Lafayette, Gaffney, Harangody, Sheed, Perkins

All except Harangody are under contract. I think signing Luke is only delayed because if some trade needed his inclusion, you can trade his rights but you can’t trade a signed draft pick for 30 days after he signs.

Notice that we have 15 players, a roster full. Now I don’t think Lafayette makes it onto the season roster. Many others feel the same way about Gaffney although I like his long-armed defense. Also any trade will almost certainly include Sheed and likely one or more of Oliver and Tony. So it is not like there is no room for additions, just that the roster is at 15 already.

A number of people have suggested that Sheed be carried until the trade deadline when his contract might be more valuable. While this might be true, the fact that Perkins will miss part/much/all the year means that carrying Sheed leaves us with only 13 players physically able to perform. You might also notice that there are two rookies in the rotation of ten—certainly not the status quo for this team which touts the benefits of experience. Taken together these facts convince me that Danny would vastly prefer to cash in the Sheed chip before the season starts. Finding the right deal, now that’s another matter altogether.

If I had to make a depth chart right now (and I am going to do just that so apparently I do have to), it would look something like this (note that I am using a players at multiple positions, something I usually prefer not to do since it tends to conceal weaknesses):


Unavailable Sheed, Perkins

A few observations, some surprising, some mildly comforting, some downright scary:
Subbing Robinson, Daniels at SF, and Davis at Center puts a very short team on the floor.
I don’t see Robinson playing SG, certainly not defending it.
I think Gaffney might be effective covering tall SG’s and slighter, more mobile PF’s.
I’ve already said I don’t think Oliver makes the team so think of Daniels as #4 PG.
Harangody will be in way over his head trying to cover SF’s while the reverse cover might limit his offensive game even more than opposing PF’s--ouch.
O’Neal would be next in line at PF against larger, less mobile opponents but Pierce would be more effective against more mobile ones with an outside game.

My actual “working” depth chart which limits a player to one position actually looks like this:


Unavailable Sheed, Perkins
__________Janning______Battier_______B. Wright______E. Barron

Barron as vet min, he’s looking for more money but I think he could play the 4 or 5, strengthen our rebounding, and be enough of a threat at the high post to open passing lanes. He wouldn’t take the min from NY but I like to think Boston offers some additional lures, like winning and stability.
Janning as camp invite FA, I love his aplomb, versatility, shooting, and deft passing.
Battier seems the logical choice for a Sheed trade to get Houston nearer the Luxury Cap and provide back up for Pierce.
I must admit this next one is a personal preference, high risk, and unlikely. B. Wright with a Sheed trade gets GS back under the Salary Cap and brings a player to the Celtics that provides length at PF and perhaps the agility to provide that long-elusive stretch three. My home run is expanding this into a three team trade that also move Monta to Minn, Koufas (still in 60 day wait before he could be moved with other players) and Sessions to GS, and Corey Brewer to the Celtics.

And how I think we will actually enter the season: