Knicks Begin Dumping Salary for LeBron in 2016

I was actually going to write something (satirical) like this but credit to Tim Hoffman at Sports Comedian for beating me to the punch.

My 2 favorite parts:
"We will not stop until he is where he belongs in New York," said Walsh. "We will take a 33 year old LeBron on this team, we don't care if his skills are diminished to nothingness. And if we don't get him in 2016, we'll wait six more years and try for 39 year old LeBron. I have already cleared as much cap as possible so that he will have a place on this team by then."

But they're not the only team getting ready to pursue LeBron James again. The Los Angeles Clippers, after largely being an afterthought in the James Lottery, have said they will take a shot at 54 year old LeBron in the year 2038.