Hey Chris Wallace, hook us up with a trade exception

You hooked up the Lakers with Pau Gasol giving them two titles. I'm thinking the least you could do is throw us a trade exception for Tony Allen.

In all seriousness the Grizzlies would need an incentive for the Celtics to sign and trade Tony Allen, but I believe a future second rounder or cash considerations should suffice. You may ask why is this important for the Celtics? Well the C's had TA's Bird rights meaning they could go over the cap to sign him. We can't do the same with any other free agent, so we're left scraping the bottom of the vet minimum wing barrel. With a trade exception though, we'd have a year to use that "asset." Personally I'd use it immediately to acquire Rudy Fernandez. That would leave 'Sheed's contract to go after a guy like Josh Howard or another big. Maybe even make a play for the very available Al Jefferson.

The truth of the matter is Lebron was a tough out the past three years playing with Delonte and Varejao. It's going to be a very steep challenge to beat him with Wade and Bosh. We can't just substitute O'Neal and Harangody for Perk and 'Sheed and some vet minimum bum for T.A. and expect to win #18. In fact Danny in an interview after the Finals, said we "overachieved" this year. With that in mind, and an older Big 3 (and most likely a diminished Perkins), Danny needs to be aggressive and get some major weapons (Wyc needs to open up the wallet and use that Pierce savings this year as well).

Time to get on the horn Danny and get Chris Wallace to actually do something good for Boston and not just our left coast rivals.