C's Talk with Eddie House / Interested in Kwame Brown

via A. Sherrod Blakely's Twitter:
"You can add ex-Celtic Eddie House to the list of players the#Celtics have had some discussions about signing this summer.
 #Celtics still interested in Kwame Brown, but with only the vet's minimum to offer, he will likely get more $$ to sign elsewhere. Kwame Brown's agent said he hopes to have a deal in place within the next week or so."
If they sign Kwame Brown for such little money, I don't really have a problem with that. With O'Neal as the starter, he'd just be coming in to fill Shelden's "I don't play very often but I suck when I do" role.

Eddie House has been a fan favorite and the Celtics lacked a solid shooter coming off of the bench. Nate Robinson passed up a lot of good shots and was streaky when he did take them. Bringing Eddie back would seem to fit Ainge's off-season strategy which seems to be to win next season with low risk veteran players on short deals.

Yet, Ainge has expressed interest in brining back the tiny point guard, Nate Robinson. However, with 1st round draft pick Avery Bradley and the impressive performance of Oliver Lafayette in Summer League, the C's are stocked up on backup point guards so this has the potential to not happen.