Celtics/Grizzlies trade in the works?

A couple weeks ago, Tony Allen surprised Celtics Nation by agreeing to sign with the Memphis Grizzlies. Instead of losing TA for nothing I suggested Chris Wallace should hook us up with a trade exception. Lo and behold a week later it turned out that the Celtics were close to signing Ronnie Brewer to a similar contract that he eventually signed with the Bulls. The only way this was possible was via a sign and trade and the media presumed that it was a TA for Brewer swap. My feeling is that if Orlando hadn't matched the JJ Redick contract offer then Brewer would be a Celtic right now.

What's extremely interesting to me is that Tony Allen STILL hasn't signed with the  Grizzlies officially. I doubt its a case of TA having second thoughts and him eventually coming back to the Celtics. My belief is that the signing is in a holding pattern as Danny is looking at acquiring another player with a trade exception. If he can find a match, TA will be signed and traded to Memphis along with cash considerations/ a draft pick for a trade exception, which will then be moved for the player Danny has interest in.

This is not too different from last Summer, when the Celtics agreed to sign Marquis Daniels, but then spent weeks looking into a way to bring him in via a sign and trade (luckily in hindsight that fell through).

There also is the possibility that Memphis would include a non desired player or two back to Boston. In an ideal world, Chris Wallace would move unsigned draft pick Xavier Henry as the Grizzlies continue to low ball him regarding his rookie contract.

Lastly one must remember that Chris Wallace likes to screw the Celtics and not help them, so don't expect a sweetheart deal, but just keep in mind that while many believe our only available moves involve signing players to minimum contracts or possibly trading 'Sheed's contract, the delayed Memphis signing of Tony Allen probably means we have more options.